15th Oct 2002, 09:40

Boy, this sounds familiar...

My check engine light is now on again on my 2000 Jeep Cherokee - this is my second time. Last time this occurred, the dealership told me it was the gas cap problem, so I tried to resolve it by adjusting the cap several times. I also went and filled up my gas tank again just in case it was a pressurization problem. Nothing has helped yet. A local repairman told me that it may just 'disappear' on its own or may need to be reset at the dealership. I'm wondering if it's just a way to force you to have to get your vehicle serviced at the dealership... I have been very unimpressed with Jeep service, although I do love my vehicle in general...

11th Nov 2010, 07:55

#1 you can't read or reset the codes unless you invest in the correct code reader.

If your gas cap doesn't seal correctly, you may be getting the check engine light. Try buying a replacement gas cap and see if that fixes your problem. They shouldn't be real expensive at a parts store.

A Grand Cherokee is not a Cherokee, and is typically much more trouble prone.

There are many forums on the web where you can research your engine and other problems. But if you don't have the code reader then don't expect to fix the problem. Buy one that can read multiple vehicles and is not limited to only a specific make and model (typically a tuner).

The wheel shake is commonly refereed to as "Death Wobble" and is a function of the front end steering design, which by the way is shared by many vehicles. Any excessive play in the front end (alignment, bearings, bushing, other components) can cause this problem. Unfortunately it takes someone with knowledge of the situation to fix it, and can take some effort to find someone in your area that is familiar with it.