18th Jul 2004, 16:13

Ever hear of the "Death Wobble?" It's a common problem with Cherokee's. You hit a bump and the front end starts to shake so bad that you almost crash.


Evaporators prone to leak...$1200 repair job.


I still love the darn thing!

19th Nov 2004, 11:24

This car really could do anything. I am very pleased with the handling on and off road in any condition thrown at me. The gas is a real problem especially the price of it. But with some TLC and with some fuel additives gas mileage increased a little. Overall great vehicle for a great price.

5th Oct 2009, 11:58

Quite possibly the worst car I've ever had the pleasure of driving, HOWEVER there ARE some great points;

--> The squareness gives unparalleled vision around the car, especially blind spots -- there are virtually none, and the ones there are are so small it's really negligible.

--> I live in Canada, and it's great in the winter, even with bald tires.

--> The ENGINE is virtually bullet proof, one time my fan shroud got shattered for some reason (over zealous hood shutting?). Anyways, the unprotected fan cut a radiator tube and it proceeded to drain my radiator. I had to drive over 200 km at the time with no coolant, and the engine was fine.

That, however is about the best it gets.

--> Air conditioning is broken - evaporator

--> Headlights went, switch, daytime running light module, and wires (had high beams, and daytime running lights but no low beams)

--> Gas is an investment, 80$ cdn at 89 Cents a liter (3.56 a gallon) to fill, and it gets me maybe 500 km (312 MI); ludicrous

--> Windows don't work, except for the master on the driver's side.

--> Also had key problems, and the death shake.

--> The flat roof is rusting out like it's going out of fashion.

--> Body squeaks sometimes.

--> Shakes at 60 mph, the shake goes away at 65, but at 60 forget about it.

Shall I go on?

I'm 21, and got stuck with this crappy car.

I can't even trade it in for anything decent, at the rate I'm getting her repaired and gassed up, school is becoming an after thought. I never thought I'd be working to take care of a bloody car. In the last year I've spent WELL 5 grand in repairs, the car is in the shop probably once every month or month and a half.

BUY FOREIGN!! You want a good car? Look at Subaru's forums, maybe 1 in 200 people didn't like it, which is the opposite of here, 1 in 200 people LIKE it.