14th Jun 2004, 23:13

I have a 1990 Jeep Cherokee Limited with 213,000 miles on it and it has never failed me.

30th Jun 2004, 14:13

Probably just felt like bashing the car since they couldn't even be bothered to say which jeep they had.

2nd Aug 2004, 13:28

I'm getting ready to buy a 1990 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. It has 120K miles on it, I know that the 6-cyl engines will go far and I also know about the radiator problems that occur in these vehicles, that is why I am replacing the original radiator with a 3 core new radiator. The cooling problems should be gone after replacing the junky stock radiator. I don't know of too many vehicles that will go beyond 200k miles so I wouldn't complain about jeeps. It's very easy to find a jeep that someone did not take care of so it sounds like that's what happened.

16th Nov 2004, 22:09

Alternator? water pump? dude, these are parts that are replaced daily in cars all over the place... that's in my opinion routine parts that need to be checked for damage and replaced.

The light bulb went out and your blaming the vehicle?

I think you should blame what ever brand was written on the package for the bulbs.

Why would you need to unscrew the oil filter for 15min with a filter wrench when you can screw it off with your hand after the first very few turns.

17th Nov 2004, 17:09

If you got your Cherokee with only 63k on it I do believe that you've been beating on it, or atleast the guy who owned it before you did. A Jeep (especially the older ones) need to be maintained, then they're good forever with proper maintenance.

A lot of the Chrysler cars of the early 90's had over-heating& water-pump problems.

Just got a 1990 Cherokee Pioneer with 179k on it, it has been very well maintained& I do believe that it has well over 50,000 left on it.

No offense, but there was a comment above this one that stated that they were buying a 1990 Grand Cherokee, are you sure you're not thinking about the Grand Wagoneer (which I have owned)? They didn't start making Grand Cherokees until 1993. No offense, just trying to be friendly.

12th Jan 2005, 23:03

I recently traded a car (six months ago) for a beat up 1990 Cherokee.

Used to swear at the other car a lot because it was so hard to work on.

I work on this Cherokee a lot, not do to the type of vehicle, but because it wasn't maintained properly.

This jeep is much easier to work on then any vehicle I have had in a long time.

First time I've actually enjoyed working on a vehicle since I was a kid.

Only problem is I'm stumped.

This thing keeps trying to start when the key is not in it.

I've changed the ignition switch, remote starter relay, starter/solenoid and checked the wiring for shorts and haven't found any.

Still it keeps trying to run away from home.

Anyone got a suggestion, I'm about to change its name to christine. still loving my jeep though.


13th Feb 2005, 15:20

Sounds like my Jeep - a 90 Cherokee Laredo. Not the best year, the '92 and up are much improved by Chrysler - even the Factory Service Manual. I highly recommend it. Any older vehicle will suffer many of the same problems - I have 3 others no newer - without going through the entire litany of problems, let's just say I'm glad I fix them and save the cost of shop overhead and labor. I don't always like to change a head gasket in two inches of sleet, but if I could afford to pay for services I would still own the Jeep - what other vehicle will 4 wheel in snow up to the axle in comfort at this price level, or keep up on dry roads?

26th Feb 2005, 01:18

It looks like neither you or the previous owner never took proper care of the Jeep.

Replacing bulbs is usual, so is for the rest of the usual wear and tear items that you mentionned.

If this was your first car, well maybe you would be better off with a Honda scooter or anything that's DISPOSABLE.

22nd Aug 2005, 09:20

My 1990 Cherokee just passed 347,000 miles. I had the motor remaned at 200,000 (cost $1,500) and the Transfer case at 290,000. The same coolant issues as others above, but I could teach a class on this horrible ABS.

I reccomend to anyone thinking of owning an old jeep to put it down for maintenance once a year for a week. Spend $500 preventative dollars and change out ALL the cheap parts. hoses, belts, coolant bottle, water pump etc... It will never break down and $500 a year is way better than $40,000 for a new SUV.

PS I drive my Jeep back and forth between Florida and north Georgia every week (450 miles each way) at 80 mph. Works just fine!!

24th Aug 2005, 23:18

Two years ago I bought my first Jeep (1990 Cherokee Laredo, Selec-Trac" that allows me full-time 4WD) for a whopping 2,700 bucks. The older man that I bought it from thought that he had dumped off a piece of junk on me, but after giving the Cherokee that maintenance that it was due many miles ago, it was off-road ready! I just love my Jeep, and all of the desert and mountain driving (Southern California/Mexico) I have been doing. For less than $4K, I have an SUV that leaves nothing to be desired from the newer generation SUV’s available at the dealer for seven to ten times more the price. Even if I invest several thousand dollars more in the years to come.

30th Aug 2005, 12:59

Sounds like someone had a bad one!

I own a 1990 jeep Cherokee with 180k plus miles on it.

Sure my Jeep can be a real headache at times. I've had the usual annoying problems and quirks that they are all known for.. replacing sensors...water intrusion fouling up wiring, modules, etc., but... all in all.. I can't complain too much. Decent MPG, 4WD...4L six easy to work on. If someone has a problem taking off an oil filter on a Jeep they are in real trouble. I've owned cars that you have to take a minute to even find the oil filter! Best thing is the Jeep Cherokee's are a dime a dozen. Finding good used parts or even a whole "parts car" is no problem... many times you can get a good deal on a jeep that the owner just can't wait to unload.. but you have to be careful,..cheap can be expensive.

There's also a wealth of info out there that can really help you out when you start scratching your head with a problem.

I feel you must be willing and able to work on these vehicles yourself,... if you can't?

You'll get hammered with many repair bills... and you'll end up really hating your Jeep.

As far as I'm concerned, regular routine bolt on stuff like water pumps, alternators, dist. caps and bulbs and so on, are all part of the game with any car, at any time.

Jeep Cherokees aren't the best by far, but they aren't the worst either.

13th Oct 2007, 14:10

Disagree, Jeeps are awesome off road, unbeatable, only possibly by Land Rovers. Never stuck in mine, 1991 Commanche 4x4 long bed, 180K and going strong! Jeep On!