23rd Feb 2001, 11:51

My name is Greg Greenhaw. I live in Alabama. I have always wanted a Comanche but you can't find one around here. What should I do?

For comments e-mail me at coachg_35749@yahoo.com

4th Jun 2001, 16:33

Oh baby, should they ever put those things back on the lots! I'd say lets start with a Grand this time, 4.7 liter V-8, anyone? And for Greg in Alabama: Get the Truck Trader, best way I know of to find a used Comanche.

15th Nov 2002, 10:15

Hey guys, my name is Dannielle and I have a '91 Jeep Comanche. I have never been in love before, and when I got this truck I swore i'd never leave it's side. It is still in great condition and it's red with rear wheel drive. Right now it is my first and only vehicle. After having this truck, I would never buy a car.

24th Nov 2002, 22:52

After owning a Comanche for five years I'd have to say that aside from the price of parts, it's the best vehicle I've ever owned. The 4WD is far better than any other mid- size and a full 4 inches of clearance over a Ranger or S- 10 with stock suspension just kicks.

20th Feb 2003, 09:07

I have an 89 4.0L Comanche and I Love it. It seems to have a few minor problems, but I am working on those. I have had it now for 4 years and it has 106,000. Lots of power and the 4x4 action Rocks for Texas hill country. Wish I could have had one of these when I was in high school. I have a 7" lift, 33" tires, Baja racing injectors and modified suspension. I took it out 4x4ing and we have a picture of the truck on two tires rolled over a tree and my friend standing under the truck. Sweet.

18th May 2003, 16:50

Hey my name is Jeremy and I just bought my second Comanche. This one is a 91 with the 4.0l HO, a five speed, and 4wd. I love jeeps. I live in Oregon and there is lots of wheeling trails by where I live. The Jeeps just perform awesome with very few mods. Jeep is coming out with a wrangler with a short truck bed. I think this is as close as we are going to get to a Comanche because I heard that they don't want any competition for the Dakota.

22nd Jan 2005, 13:55

I purchased a 1991 Comanche about a year ago and love it. Every VT snow storm I just drive around and pull stuck cars out. You wouldn't believe the comments I have received about this truck. Some people who see this truck think it is 10 years newer than it really is. And as for Chrysler discontinuing it for the Dakota, what a bad decision. My father has a 1994 Dodge Dakota 4x4 with the V8, he says he would trade his truck for my Comanche any day. He laughs at all the times I have pulled his truck out of the mud with mine when we are at the ranch. To all you truck buyers; if you need a 4x4, get a Jeep Comanche!!

16th Jun 2005, 09:01

If I could, I'd order a new Comanche right away. I bought my AMC Jeep Comanche XLS 2.5L when I started my own oiltechnology company in Norway, back in 1986. To be short, the car has never let me down. Always starts, has just enough engine power for my use and has also got excellent driving capabilities. Only things changed are tires, CD and exhaust. I've test-driven its competitors of today, such as Nissan, Toyota and Mitsubishi. Quite frankly, they can't beat my 19 year old Comanche. I do hope the Comanche comes back to the market!

13th Jun 2007, 01:13

I've owned my '91 4.0 L comanche for almost a year now and before that it belonged to my brother in law, so I know what it's been through. I'm up to 412,000 miles with the original engine and it's still running a whole lot better than a lot of cars the same age with half the miles on it. I would kill for Jeep to start making another pickup. i'd pick it up in a heartbeat (though i'd keep my old one around just for fun)

18th May 2009, 20:12

I live in Illinois and have a 1992 4.0 inline 6, and it is the toughest truck I know. It has a little rust on it. I can out mud my friends with 4x4s on most days, and it runs through water like it isn't even there.

I got it with 100,000 miles or so for only $1,000, and I have received offers for $2,000, but I would never sell it. When this beast goes down, I think that I will just give it a full restoration and keep it until I can't drive anymore LOL.

23rd Jul 2010, 00:19

I've got a 1990 Comanche Pioneer, and want a loud and deep exhaust system; any ideas?