2010 Jeep Commander Sport 5.7L Hemi from North America


Awesome SUV King of the Jeeps!


The only issue that we have had with the car is the clock spring. We were driving home one night, and the EAS/BAS and traction control light came on. We brought it to the dealer, and they swapped it out real quick, and no problems since then. If you read online about this problem, although easy to fix, it's rather common.

General Comments:

If you decide to buy this vehicle, you should definitely get the 5.7L. It eats up the gas, but you end up with so much power that it does not matter. You put it to the floor, and you cannot resist smiling.

Other people seem to have an issue with the cargo space, but I find it to be sufficient.

The 4 wheel drive system feels solid, and has an incredible turning radius for the size of the vehicle. In fact it is eons better than the Zephyr was.

The MyGig is very cool for techies like myself, and can do just about anything.

All in all, I love this thing, and plan to drive it for quite some time.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2011

2006 Jeep Commander 65 Anniverary 4.7 from North America


There are a lot better choices


The A/C went out 4 times the first summer we owned it. The dealer would tell us the part was on back-order and think we would wait 2 weeks for functional a/c in the south. I would call the 800 complaint line and have the part the next day.

The transmission let go at 10k. (No, we did not tow anything). That took 2 weeks to fix and was going south again when I dumped it.

General Comments:

Decent looks and tight turning but not dependable.

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2008

22nd Feb 2012, 23:18

I have the same year Commander Ltd Hemi 5.7L. I service mine quite regularly, spent $ in doing so, but never had any of those problems. That's a shame.

2006 Jeep Commander 65th Anniversary Edition 4.7L V8 from North America


This is a great vehicle for a growing family


So far the Commander has a wind noise issue. On hot days while driving highway speed in moderate wind, there is a very pronounced and quite annoying whistling noise. Checking the TSBs, there are two wind noises that may occur due to the sunroof and air circulation, respectively, but neither seem to apply here. I haven't given the dealer an opportunity to make things right yet so I won't hold it against them.

I also once packed the car too full and it messed up the lift gate sensor making the computer think the back glass was open when it was not. Removing some stuff from the rear storage immediately fixed the issue.

General Comments:

When I first saw a picture of the Commander from the auto show, we knew this would be our next vehicle. Our former vehicle was a Jeep Cherokee. The wife and I both loved that vehicle, but we were outgrowing it. We disliked the syling of the Grand Cherokee so until the Commander came out, we were seriously considering leaving the Jeep fold. However, the Commander did come out and it is big and beautiful. It claims styling from the Cherokee, but drives a lot more like the Grand Wagoneer.

Some people complain about visibility, but I haven't had a problem with it. One thing to keep in mind is that the driver seat raises up a whole lot. And I mean a whole lot. With it up to the proper height, the only visibility problems I am having are common across all SUVs that size. If I had kept it at the height it was at on the lot, visibility would've been severely limited.

The main sunroof is nice, but a bit small. My kids absolutely love the secondary skylights in the back seat. The shades do seem a bit flimsy though. They remind me of the old roll-up curtains.

The third row is a bit cramped, but a child in a front-facing car seat will have no problems. However, our rear-facing seat does not fit on the third row. Also, the third row of seats lack the latch system and the tether anchor so you'll be using the seat belt to secure a car seat. However, on a hot day it may be worth it to put your kids on the third row if you have rear air.

The 4.7L engine is very torquey. The HEMI had a lot more punch, but the 4.7L was more than adequate and it tows a boat very nicely. I miss my 4.0L in-line 6, but this is a very capable replacement.

Gas mileage is as expected. I get 18MPG average while my wife gets 15MPG average. This is keeping in mind that I usually roll down the windows and sunroof while she usually uses the AC. I also do a bit more highway driving than she does. On a recent trip, we got 15MPG loaded to the brim with people and gear with the AC on. While towing a 3500lb boat rig, I get 13MPG average.

Space is severely limited behind the 3rd row, but if you flip the cargo tray upside down like it tells you to in the manual, you can still fit two standard sized soft-side suitcases back there. For the first time in a vehicle I've owned, I'm actually using the cargo net. With the 3rd rows down, you have about as much space as I did in my 91 Explorer.

The roof rack is pretty nice. So far, I've only tied a spare trailer tire up there, but it held nicely and the car drove just fine with it up there. Much like the Cherokee and Grand Wagoneer, the Commander has such poor wind resistance to begin with that adding things on top doesn't seem to affect it that much.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2006

6th Aug 2007, 15:38

I have the same whistling noise and I have no sunroof and I can turn off all air circulation and it is still there. Please if you find a cure Email Gutarpick@aol.com. Tks Jim.

15th Aug 2007, 08:49

I have the same wind problem. The last time it happened the noise lasted for 150 miles. It was about 100 degrees with a strong wind. Dealer has no updates or any idea where the noise is coming from.