2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Rocky Mountain 3.7 V6 from North America


Love it...


Replaced water pump, front crank seal, oil pan seal, couldn't trace oil leak...

Rear differential front seal, passenger power window switch, rear brakes & rotors, rear driver's side hub o-ring. Also A/C condenser & accumulator dryer (under warranty).

General Comments:

Love the Jeep, it has auto start, great cloth heated front seats and is very comfortable to drive. I work on my own vehicle and there is plenty of room in the engine compartment. Parts are for the most part off the shelf.

It does lack in the horse power department taking off from a stop, but makes up for it on the highway... it drives and handles like a car.

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Review Date: 6th December, 2016

11th Dec 2016, 04:13

Good to see a review on the V6.

As you say - slow, but reliable :)

Keep us posted on it.

2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 5.7L Hemi from North America


My LAST Chrysler product! Prepare to be nickel & dimed to death!


MDS solenoid failure.

TPMS sensor system.

Light bulbs on dash burnt out - NOT serviceable!

Turn signal stalk switch.

Radio randomly shuts off/on.

Brake rotors warped.

Exhaust leaks.

Remote start randomly won't start or shuts off.

4WD selector switch failed - can't go into 4-Lo.

Blower motor stopped working.

General Comments:

I've been a Jeep enthusiast & owner for about 20 years now. This will be my LAST Jeep vehicle! While the Hemi is fun to drive, the MDS solenoid failed at 80K and started spewing oil out of the engine. I thought it was a rear main seal as it leaked so much.

At 100K, most of the interior and electronic options started failing. The radio randomly shuts off completely (not even a clock display) and then comes back on randomly as well. The turn signal switch failed and the left turn signal could NOT be turned off! There is also NO turn signal fuse, so the car had to be driven home with the turn signal constantly blinking. The interior lighting on the HVAC controls and DIC switches are incandescent bulbs SOLDERED to a circuit board and NOT replaceable! You need to buy new modules/switches. The TPMS sensors have corroded and stopped working and the dash light goes off almost every trip out and cannot be ignored. Remote start fails to start about 80% of the time and once it does start, it shuts off after only a minute or two. I have not been able to shift into 4-Lo for a few years now... I get a message that says Service 4WD System. This past winter the blower motor sounded like the blades were hitting the housing, and now it has completely stopped working.

The only good thing going for it is it looks great and the Hemi is fun to drive. Offered capability is also very impressive for a "luxury vehicle". Due to the what seems to be endless electrical gremlins that cost hundreds of dollars to fix, this will be my last Chrysler product I'll ever own.

The Jeep dealer is pretty much useless at diagnosing the problems, because when they hook it up to the computer, everything checks out fine. All they ever want to do is throw new parts at it and hope it solves the problem. Eventually every part in a given system gets replaced and then it starts working again, but only after spending 100's of dollars.

At this point it is all working again as I have resorting to fixing things myself, and now the vehicle is underwater in price due to poor reliability reports affecting the value, so I am stuck with it until it is either paid-off or dies completely.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2015

2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 5.7 hemi from North America


Never again


Brake rotors warped just after 36K.

Trans cooler lines went just after 36K.

Electric window motor went bad at 20K.

Spark plugs need to be replaced at 30K; don't try this at home kids unless you want to lose a finger.

This is the 2nd Jeep I've owned new, and always have the same problems.

No more jeeps for me, no wonder people buy Hondas.

General Comments:

Very overpriced for what it is. Could have bought a German car instead.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2011

28th Jun 2012, 22:48

That's too bad about all the things that have gone wrong with your Jeep, but I would strongly recommend not buying a German car. That has been the worst mistake I have made. I have spent about $7,000 repairing my BMW in about a year and a half. In that $7,000, I have been stranded 3 times and have required a tow twice.

The tow truck operators get to know BMW's quite well; they are no. 1. Second place goes to... you guessed it, VW/Audi.