31st Dec 2004, 19:41

I've had my Jeep Grand Cherokee for 12 months. Usual rear axle replacement, design fault caused by bearing not having inner race, but rollers mounted directly onto axle (bound to go again at some point and is already whining). Driver's seat needs replacing due to cracked frame (another design fault). Front diff whines at speed. Mirrors make their own decision on where they are set. I was hoping to keep my jeep for 3 or 4 years, but threatens to get expensive. This car could be the best on the road with a few design alterations.

4th May 2005, 21:59

Got a 98 JGC Ltd 5.2L in Fall of '04. Love it. The only problem I have had is that the dash lights seem to dim sometimes for no reason and stay dimmed and then randomly will come back. It's pretty wierd, but apparently acknowledged by the manufacturer, but it's like a couple hundred to fix and not worth the hassle. Other than that, I have had no to little problems. The guy I bought this from took REALLY good care of it (it had 143000 when I bought it and now has 148000 almost a year later).

My biggest complaint is the gas mileage, it's insane. I have thought about trading it in just for this reason, but I got it for 7k when it was valued at about 8.5k and what kind of car am I going to get for it? Nothing of equal value, I know that much.

27th May 2005, 15:37

I have a 1997 JGC which I got in Jan 2000 with 43k miles on the odometer. Now has 149k and has cost me thousands of dollars (USA) to keep repaired and running. Three sets of front CV joints, two sets tie rod ends, transmission rebuild at 93k, two replacements of differential gears and this rear end is making noise again, cracked exhaust manifold, fuel pump, right rear axle and on and on. I love the vehicle and the amenities, but where does it stop???

1st Jun 2006, 22:13


Denver Colorado.

I bought my 98 JGC in 2000 with about 35K miles. Noticed noise in the rear end immediately and since it had bought extended warranty (lucky, it was good). The factory rep was in town and took a ride with me and the dealer replaced the entire rear axle assembly for free. Apparently they had a factory problem with axle warpage.

Mirror memory problems, drivers heated seat and brake problems and am now replacing all the bearings in the front diff. at about 95K miles.

Have had the sway bar links replaced at least 3 times and will do it again while it's apart (resolved clunking noise when hitting bumps)

This is my 3rd JGC and all have been great.