19th Sep 2007, 14:01

I purchased my 1998 forest green ZJ from new in the April of '99. As with previous comments, this really is a love affair now.

I don't particularly enjoy driving all over the place, but the five-star cabin (which is immaculate), utter reliability (started every time through the 92404 miles) and distinctive hum make journeys a pleasure. (In truth, my HEMI Commander is even more pleasurable. Everyone should have one, by the way).

It is not as quick off the mark as three years' back - then the 4.0L was actually more like a sports car, but what does one expect? The gearboxes and (truck) engines are bullet-proof, which puts the American vehicle on a par with the soul-less Toyota competition.

I admit to having the off-road bug and must declare that the Grand's torquey prowess coupled with wonderful articulation on the trail (none of this IFS rubbish) is just, in a word, fab.

Costs? There are comments from complaining persons who state that things on their have ZJ failed. Well, one should look after one's vehicle properly and this means A.) choosing the right service bay and B.) paying good money for all recommendations at the 7500m service gaps so that, over time, any of a number of components will not conspire to let a Jeep fall apart.

In eight years, I have paid for a new power steering pump, manifold exhaust, Borla cat-back exhaust, rear and front discs, drive shaft boot split, transfer case seal, fuel pump injector seal, air-con re-gassed, new wiper blades, two cv joint gaitors, a new prop-shaft yoke and a new front diff (DANA crownwheel & pinion set and bearings).

I have chosen to add new American Racing wheels, an ARB bumper and WARN 9000 winch and an Old Man Emu suspension kit. I have added slightly bigger tires (diameter increase only 3%) with BF Goodrich All-Terrain. To British readers then, the Jeep must seem like Trigger's Broom.

I have been rear-ended by an old Honda Accord. I hardly felt the encroachment, but the Honda was a write-off.

Lastly, I have a TrailReady rear bumper. If somebody rears me again then the Honda episode will undoubtedly be repeated, unfortunately.

In summary, if my ZJ died I would source another with 50k miles or so. They do exist.

Yours etc..

Steven T.

4th Jul 2008, 16:46

I've owned my 93 for just over a year. The day after I bought it, I had to replace the alternator, (no big deal). Over the winter I replaced the thermostat. That's ALL! It has 283000 miles on it and uses no oil. It shows no sign of loss of performance and I am pleased with the gas mileage. I have owned many NEW cars over the years, but this Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo is by far my most favorite. The only thing with it now is that it cranks over a few times before starting when the engine is warm. I plan on replacing the cam sensor in the distributor. I hope that fixes that minor problem. I have read many negatives on this vehicle, maybe I lucked out and got an exceptional one.

24th Mar 2009, 01:38

I have a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Three owners into this vehicle (original owner, my parents then myself).

I have run into relatively no problems at all with it. Replaced the muffler with a magna flow exhaust, and brake pads here and there, but other than that, it produces all kinds of power and torque, and at its age still shocks me when I get the urge to take it off road, which is quite often with me.

With 202xxx miles on the original engine and transmission, I must say that I am overly impressed with the durability of this vehicle, and have thought many times of upgrading to a new Grand Cherokee after I finish my college career and have money once again.

I have laughed to myself as I read through several reviews complaining about the fuel mileage and horror stories of things falling apart... and I have to wonder to myself what kind of people are driving these vehicles. My 16 year old Jeep still averages 16-18 miles to the gallon, and that's pulling a large 8 mile long grade daily at 60mph.

All I can say to anyone that is interested in picking up a Jeep, is love it and take care of it. It's like any other car on the road. You love your vehicle and it will love you.

18th Mar 2010, 01:10

I'm from Canada and just bought a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with 360000 KM or 224000 miles on it, and it has a few noises like the rear end, and a little engine noise, but drives and handles well.

I haven't really tried out the 4x4 yet, but it works. The only thing that concerns me is the rust build-up behind the mouldings. It also came with factory side step or running boards, and the passenger side front piece was missing, so I wiggled the driver side; it fell off. Thinking of taking off all trim and repairing all rust, and leave trim off, it's just a great place for cancer to set in.

But overall, it was a cheap investment. Only paid $1000, and in my books that's cheap for almost any 4x4.