7th Nov 2002, 17:39

I had my rotors replaced on my 2000 at 27,500 KM.

I'm at 60,000 KM now and they are starting again.

However, I pamper the brakes to avoid a trip to the service department.

19th Jan 2003, 21:36

According to my dealership, the 2001 Grand Cherokee brake problem is well documented and they have outstanding service bulletins to replace brakes from specified suppliers. They replaced my brakes without question, and the mechanic was very experienced in making the same change to other vehicles.

23rd Jun 2003, 07:09

This car sukcs. It's a...

I've had:

1. Computer problems

2. Sensor problems

3. Radio problems

4. Back Hatch problems

5. Constant wheel alignment problems

6. Oil gage problems (The oil gauge won't stick in easily - like my Nissan)

7. Tire steering pump problems

8. Passenger side water filling in - this is the most annoying - because every night I have to remove at a minimum 1/2 gallon of water from the passenger side.

9. Chrysler/Jeep folks are no help. They're unfriendly. They don't want to hear your problems. They switched me to so many 800 numbers whan I called that I just became frustrated and I quit calling.

10. The local Jeep dealer doesn't think it's his problem. They think I'm looking for a free fix. I have never, never had a problem with my 3 Nissans before. I currently have 190000 miles on 1992 King Cab.

11. It's a gas guzzler.

12. The tires are quickly worn out.


After writing all this I am going to write to my state attorney general - hopefully he'll listen. I live in Florida.


PS - If anybody read this, and feel they've had enough problems - can we form a coalition and ask Chrysler/Jeep to do something about this?

Raymond Sassine.

18th Dec 2003, 08:45

Has anyone else had problems with the transfer case seal on the 2000 Grand Cherokee? Mine was replaced fourteen months ago, and now they are trying to tell me it needs to be replaced again. Does this seem right?

28th Jul 2004, 17:58

I have had so many issues with my 2000 Jeep's breaks that I could scream. 3 rotor replacements, multiple pads, calipers, etc. After one repair job the dealership in Seattle screwed up and poorly reassembled the brake system which caused it to seize up on the freeway. I love the car, but Daimler-Chrysler should truly admit that their brake Engineers were a bunch of morons.

5th Aug 2004, 12:47

Transfer case seals replaced at 65K and now leaking at 80K.

Rotors replaced at 5K miles

Rotors replaced again at 17K miles

Rotors replaced again at 30K miles

Rotors replaced again at 50K miles

You would think that they would fix the rotors, right?

Wrong! Now I just drive with warped rotors and pulsations... all the way to the Honda dealer :)

17th Jan 2006, 10:57

I need a bottom view picture for a GC jeep 2000.

14th Apr 2006, 12:42

What was done to fix the water leak on the driver's side? I had my 2002 GC for almost 2 years before this started. Now in heavy rains or car washes it leaks and only on the driver's side.

21st Apr 2006, 14:49

Did you ever find out why the lights would come on and off when the car was off and the light switch was in the off position? I have seen this on mine, too.

2nd Mar 2008, 13:10

My jeep grand 2000 was great until 2008 when I had an "unintentional acceleration" incident that really scared me. I find out I am not the first. Although most of the folks I spoke with know that this is a problem they deny it happens. I would be very content to say this was driver error, but I have small feet and cannot touch the gas and brake at same time. I have gotten no where with the head office in Canada.

18th Jun 2009, 04:08

I take possession of a 2000 model Jeep Grand Cherokee tomorrow 19/5/2009. After reading some of these comments, you guys are scaring the hell out of me.

9th Oct 2009, 04:37

I have owned my 2000 Grand Cherokee since new and I love it. At 73000 and 9 years later I replaced my rotors for the first time, the pads have been replaced a couple times before, so I have not had any brake problems. I have not had many problems at all.

I replaced a tie rod and the #4 fuel injector this Spring, but don't think it's out of the ordinary for 9 years.

I just took it on a trip from New York to Minnesota, and when got home there was a strange scraping sound coming from underneath, and when I crawled under to look, I noticed the heat shield over the exhaust had fallen due to some minor rusting at the bolt holes and was rubbing on the drive shaft, so I put some large washers on the bolts and screwed it back up and the problem is fixed.

The truck now has almost 78000, and I hope to own it forever as long as my luck holds out. It seems I bought one of the good ones. This is the first vehicle I have owned where I spent so little on repairs. I thought because the truck was $34,000 new, I was getting a much better quality, but it seems that maybe I just got lucky with the quality of mine, but either way I been a very satisfied owner.

30th May 2010, 09:08

177,000 on my 2000 JGC. Have had the same brake/rotor problems as everyone else. Thanks to some comments left on this site, I will switch to the better slotted rotors next time. Have a auto lock quacking at me as well. Gotta get that fixed. Other than these, it's been a good ride.

30th May 2010, 09:32

Sad to read about how the Jeeps have gotten poorer quality. I own a 1990 Jeep Cherokee Laredo, and besides normal maintenence and an alternator, absolutely no problems! We can only thank Chrysler for putting profit before quality on what were bulletproof vehicles in the late 80's early 90's.