19th May 2004, 17:20

I agree jeeps have fallen quite a bit in quality in the past 10 years. One thing that I do like about them is the ability to get a computer readout from your dash just like the mechanics charge you to do. If you have a little mechanical know how, you can diagnose and repair many problems on your own. up to the 99 model access to the mechanical parts is fairly easy as compared to the compact engine compartments of other suv's. I owned a 92 Laredo, and it NEVER quit on me. My 97 is a different story. Its never quit, but I find problems fairly regularly. Mechanically it is sound, it seems most issues are attributed to the sensor system, and the Control computer. After market parts are readily available and fairly cheap. It allows me to keep my 97 GC Laredo in good repair. I would however never take my 97 where my 92 went. Sad, but true Jeep is now more of a mainstream passenger vehicle then a utility vehicle. Such is the case with many SUV's these days. I'm sorry you've had such problems : (.

3rd Aug 2004, 20:57

I just bought a Jeep about 2 months ago, and I have to say that it is a fun car to drive. But, I recently had to have the Alternator, battery, external regulator, and the whole air conditioning system replaced. The car has not had problems, up until now. The previous owner was my neighbor who has no use for it now that he is divorced. But he had all the maintenance records and oil change receipts. So I hope this is not a start to a horrible car. We previously owned a 1996 Grand Voyager, and it had major problems. The fuel pump went out within 2000 miles, and the again at 15000 and then at 32000. By then it was out of warranty and they wouldn't declare it a Lemon. But I know that other people that owned the same car, didn't have problems. So I think it must be that day that your car was built.

11th Mar 2005, 09:52

Wow, you had to change the brakes every 30,000 miles? hmmm, normal life for a disk pad is 30,000-40,000, on a big SUV it's gonna be at the lesser end of that spectrum!

19th Aug 2005, 12:24

I am intrigued by the person who wrote such an inflammatory story about his Jeep Cherokee and urged everyone not to buy one. Did you notice that he managed to put more than 60,000 miles on the vehicle during all the problems he was having? He must have liked something about it, he kept repairing it and certainly continued to drive it.

I love mine.

23rd Nov 2010, 23:29

Bought my '97 Grand Cherokee Ltd. at auction for $2150 with 188,000 miles. Dead AC (evaporator, naturally, the most expensive repair), dead sunroof and dead cruise control.

The sunroof relay was the problem, ($200 from the stealership), but a $25 relay from a junkyard got it working, although the entire headliner had to be removed to access it. The cruise repair requires a $700 powertrain control module, so I don't need it that much.

Solid driver, but the occasional, famed Jeep "death wobble" really gets your attention.

This is a violent, sudden, side-to-side "wobble" of both front wheels after certain bumps at higher speed. Slamming the brakes to slow down is instinctive -- and my girlfriend won't drive it anymore. She worries as a rider even.

One day I love the car/truck, the next day not so much -- especially at the pumps, (about 13 mpg). OUCH!

And even though the vehicle is touted as being a quite capable 4wd, it rides like a tank -- especially the side to side shake over many bumps at low speed.

Even at speed, the bumps aren't handled well, (see "death wobble").

The fuel pump is failing (hard to start after setting for an hour or more).

The sound system speakers are crap (rattle).

The seat heaters have failed.

Transmission's 1st to 2nd shift is late and rough.

Engine has spells when it dies at a stop -- lasts for a day or two, then it's fine.

As the rust sets in under several doors, the leading edge of the hood and the rocker panels, I'm selling it soon, with full disclosure to the next owner.

I've hung on to it largely because it is solid, and I love the looks and styling -- and the deep amethyst pearl paint is stunning.

But that's not enough -- so it's looking for another owner soon.

I'm going to research a newer GC, especially for fuel economy and for the ride, because I won't buy another vehicle that rides like a tank.