13th Oct 2007, 03:21

WOW!! I had no Idea about this stuff... I have a 2000 Jeep GC LMT that recently been a pain in the REAR... My REAR passenger door lock sounds like a wookie, MY REAR tail lights including the brake lights are out, occasionally I've had people telling me that I had a brake light out and I'd check including the dealer and nothing. Now tonight a friend noticed my rear lights were out completely. I left Jeep an email telling them I need this fixed.. But after reading this I will do it myself. Thanks.

30th Nov 2007, 20:18

Isn't the internet awesome? Bought my 2001 Cherokee a couple days ago and stupid me didn't notice the problem until I got it home. Did the suggested fix and it works great!

15th Dec 2007, 18:12

Great, Great. The fix works perfectly and easily. It's great that the Net can be used for such useful and money-saving things like this.

Thanks All.

19th Dec 2007, 18:23

I have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. This absolutely works. 10 minutes tops. I also cleaned the ground contacts with rubbing alcohol and I put a folded up piece of tin foil under them to hold them in place better. Works like a charm. Now I've got to break the news to my husband. He's been bitter ever since I replaced and rewired the control box for the AC blower motor.

Thank everyone SO MUCH for your instructions.

20th Dec 2007, 18:34

Whoa. The Internet is cool. I was just starting to dread having to bring my 2002 Grand Cherokee Laredo back to the dealership to have my right rear brake light fixed. I hadn't noticed that the light went out every time I hit the brake pedal when the headlights were on. Five minutes, and I had a perfectly functional tail light, and I didn't spend a penny!

Thanks for super helpful instructions!

8th Feb 2008, 11:06

I'm going to add to the list of thanks... I had a cop pull me over for improper equipment and never wanted to go to the Jeep dealership to get it fixed... Thanks for the information provided!

18th Feb 2008, 14:17

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!! The estimate from JEEP to correct this was around $USD250. This works absolutely! I have had numerous brake issues $$$, both window motors replaced $$$, and other odds and ends $$$. Thanks! I'll never again own another Jeep.

22nd Mar 2008, 22:35


I want to e-mail this to that mechanic at my local Jeep dealership. I called to inquire about this same problem and he said it was a "... sporadic but known issue" and there was nothing they could do but replace the entire assembly.

Thanks for saving me some money and a lot of head scratching.

4th Oct 2008, 22:56

In my 1999 Grand Cherokee I also had the problem with my left rear tail light. With the lights on the running light would go out when I hit the brake and the left brake light would also not light. Brake light worked if the parking or driving lights were not on. Bulb was OK. The Jeep dealer (a mechanic) said the circuit board in the light assembly had gone bad and the whole light assembly needed to be replaced.

I found the fix described on this web site and tried it. I removed the bulb. On the single contact in the tail light housing, I gently lifted it up with a knife point and placed a folded up shim of aluminum foil under the contact (to raise it up). Light worked fine. Cost = O. Dealer was going to charge $178.00 for the light assembly. It would be nice if Chrysler had mechanics that could provide correct information.

Thanks so much to the folks on this site for providing such useful information.

14th Nov 2008, 00:46

It's funny, I just messed with mine a few months ago and even cleaned the contacts although they didn't look bad but I did it anyway. I was just about to bite the bullet and buy a whole new light cover, then I stumbled across this site...5 minutes and troubles are over. I really appreciate the post THANK YOU!

14th Nov 2008, 20:28

WOW!! I can't believe it was THAT EASY of a fix. That diagosis was SPOT on.. I had 2 bad brake lights on my 2000 JGC that I was terrified to drive at night.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this.

18th Nov 2008, 18:23

WORKED!!! Wow I have seen other jeeps around Reno that have a back left tail out, and mine was that way too. I fixed it by making sure the connector was touching the plate and it worked like a charm! Someone said I need to have a new ground wire run! And another person wanted to replace the unit! Saved me money and I feel good. Thanks for your help!

30th Nov 2008, 20:19

Worked like a charm on a drivers side rear light. Thanks to all and to the detailed instructions. Note - it took some work to pry up the prong for the brake light (lower right hand side) as it was melted in place. The top one (ground) pried up just perfectly and easily. I was quoted over $350 to fix this at a Jeep dealership and I know a neighbor who paid $400 for a replacement and installation for the exact same problem... so thanks again!

23rd Mar 2009, 09:07

Thank you very much!

8th Apr 2009, 17:59

Thank you so much for this information.

My right rear tail light went out and replacing the bulb did nothing to remedy the problem.

I lifted the ground contact with a jewelers screw driver and placed a bit of tin foil under it.

The tail light now works and it took me all of ten minutes from start to finish.


22nd Apr 2009, 18:38

I have tried to correct my taillight problem several times. I am going out to try your suggestions. I am sick of being pulled over for 'brake lights' not working! My dealership also told me that I had to replace the entire board at a cost of $225 each! I will never own a Jeep again. Watch out for electric windows going out also.

4th May 2009, 19:48

Any dealer that charged to fix this should be charged with defrauding their customers.

31st May 2009, 11:53

After reading this thread I decided to replace both rear light assemblies, and still have the same problem others have described, no brake lights and only one running light.

Also noticed the light plate light and third brake light are out. Tried cleaning the contacts and had some success, finally got the running lights to work by twisting the bulb socket just right, but still no brake lights.

20th Jun 2009, 13:36

After replacing all but 1 window regulator, the radiator fan control box under the passenger side head light and the crank sensor and a transmission, the passenger side break light was the most frustrating. I tried bending the connector but that did not last long. I did not try bracing it with the foil paper. It works like a charm. Thanks to all for the helpful information and great tips.

26th Jun 2009, 20:35

May 31st, 2009 comment. Try replacing the #23 fuse (brake switch fuse). I blew mine when I was trying to fix a brake light and ALL three brake lights went out. I replaced the fuse, followed the suggestions here and now all my lights work fine!

16th Aug 2009, 11:21

I must add my thanks as well. This worked like a charm. This 01 Grand Cherokee is the car that my wife and kids use and it's a good feeling to have this brake problem fixed.