20th Dec 2005, 11:45

My 1996 Grand Cherokee Limited had a lot of problems.

Since then I bought a used 2003 Jeep Liberty and a used 2001.

Grand Cherokee Limited. I have owned both of them for over.

(2) years... neither one has had a single problem.

18th Jan 2006, 22:40

I purchased a 2000 Grand Cherokee in Dec. 1999. The brake rotors had to be retooled three times. Had to replace the left rear light panel once. had to replace both side mirror assemblies.. had to replace the 10 CD changer... other than that I put 105,000 miles on this car in six years.. the engine and transmission always performed well.. had regular maintenance and always changed the oil...Recently, I was rear ended while stopped. The jeep was totaled, but absorbed most of the 40 mph impact... I miss my jeep.

26th Mar 2006, 01:57

I'm sorry to hear about the problems with your Grand Cherokee. I owned a 2000 Laredo I6, which was very reliable and I now own an 05 V8 Laredo, which has also given me no problems.

I have no experience with St. Albert Dodge, however I know that Edmonton area dealerships are facing a skilled labour shortage, which may explain the difficulty getting the vehicle properly fixed.

I understand how frustrating it is to own a new vehicle with problems. I once bought a Neon that was in the shop so often that they knew me by name at the Chrysler dealership.

25th May 2007, 07:32

In less than 2 years, my starter went, transmission needed to be overhauled, headlights turning off while driving... still not fixed.

Corporate is rude, defensive, nasty.

I would never ever lease another Jeep or Chrysler product.

6th Jul 2007, 20:07

I have had two 2005 JGC, one with a 3.7L V6 / Quadra Track I, and the current one with 4.7L V8 / Quadra Track II. With both, I noticed slight rear axle whine at about 70 MPH. This seems to go away after about 12000 miles. Other problems:

1. Service 4WD drive system light comes on every a couple of thousand miles. Dealer refreshed computer software and it's been fine since.

2. Hands-free system not operating from time to time. Again, dealer refreshed software.

My Long Beach Jeep's repair facility has been very pleasant and helpful. Much thanks to Gabriel.

Regarding the lowered fuel mileage, I too noticed that. City mileage will go back up if you take the car out for a 300+ mile trip on the freeway.

The car is quiet and comfortable on freeways. I wish Jeep will stop using those rattle prong hard plastics. Fortunately, the rattling occurs only on off-road conditions and will stop after about 50 miles on smooth roads. I too wish Jeep will stop using Goodyear Wranger SR-A tires, which are horrible on icy roads. I have been very happy with Goodyear Wranger Silent Armor.

Still, this Jeep works where it counts! No problem with engine, transmission or suspension. 42,000 miles of trips on sand dunes, wet beach, rocky desert, icy and snowy mountain path. Roll down all windows and pop open the rear hatch window, and my dog is in heaven. What more can I ask?

6th Jun 2008, 18:11

2005 JGC limited 5.7 HEMI, lifted 4 inches (superlift suspension) and riding on 33" BFG's TKO's for off road and Firestone Destinations for city/highway driving.

Oh.. and to top it off a 50 series SUV Flowmaster for good measure.

I have to have the Firestones, cause I really chewed up the BFG's to the point where chunks came off from heavy off road driving (I drive like a Marine in Baghdad chasing the Taleban.. LOL..) so they are too noisy on the highway; but these BFG's are the best for off roading on this 4x4 machine!.

I'm a former Marine, and I drive this thing like a Govt. owned Hummer! When I put my BFG's on it and go camping/fishing down south to Baja California, there's no other vehicle I would rather be in!

47k miles and no problems other than the ones I caused i.e. breaking left A-arm after driving into a ditch at high speeds.

I really put this SUV to the test. I've chased Baja 500 cars for fun, and this thing turns heads for its aesthetics and performance. I've driven it in the Desert (Ocotillo Wells) in many off-road conditions, and it does what a Jeep is supposed to do!

As far as Gas mileage... well if I wanted a fuel economic car, I would have bought a Toyota or Honda Hybrid... for 350hp I'll settle for 11mpg street/16mpg hwy with cruise control; here's a tip: if you reset your mileage gauge/button from time to time, you'll see true numbers i.e. when you get on the highway, reset it and you'll see some higher results.

From Sunny San Diego... Juan Cruz. cruzjc1@cox.net