1986 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Jeep V8 from North America


The greatest car a teenage guy could have!


The floats in my carburetor broke, so when gas would come in they would float up to let it in and then stay up. This lowered my mileage a lot, but I replaced the faulty carburetor and it runs beautifully again.

The drivers seat leather has a tear in it.

General Comments:

This Jeep is amazingly powerful and reliable even with its age (17 years). I am 17 and my friends and often like to go off-roading and my Jeep usually outdoes my friends 92 Chevy Blazer. My turning radius is also very impressive due to the shorter wheel base. Recently I pulled a 540 in a gravel parking lot. My 1986 Jeep Grand Wagoneer is a one of a kind treasure and is the best car in the world, it has power, comfort, durability and style. I love it.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2003

5th Apr 2003, 21:39

I just wrote a review on my Jeep on April 3rd 03. I noticed you gave your Jeep a 9 out of 10 for reliability. DON'T COUNT ON IT! The day after I wrote that review, my intake manifold gasket seems to have developed a coolant leak into the air/fuel stream. This has crippled my acceleration to almost impossible and has stalled out at intersections making the people behind me angry! As good of a truck as it is, they are very problem prone as the engine control system is more complex than today's cars, without today's electronic circuitry. We have had wagoneers since 1979 - the chrysler ones are tougher, but not more reliable.

A few tips for better fuel economy: high performance ignition wires and spark plugs (platinum are best), always a clean air filter, PCV valve, engine oil (10W30), fuel filter and crankcase breather cap - clean is the word. Always with every oil change, lubricate the heat riser valve in the exhaust pipe with graphite spray. Check vacuum hoses!

If yours has an EVAP canister, test the purge valve with a hand vacuum pump. It should not leak! If it does, you are losing vacuum which affects EGR, ignition timing, manifold pressure etc...

Good Luck.

13th Sep 2008, 03:22

I'm also a 17 year old, I've fallen in love with the looks of the Wagoneer, I'm very much thinking that I'll buy one in the very near future; your review is very helpful.

1986 Jeep Grand Wagoneer 6.5L V8 (401) from North America


Wish I'd bought one years ago!!


My wife was hit by a truck that backed out of a driveway right in front of her. As this vehicle weighs over 6000 lbs, it could not stop in time, and has over $7000 in front end damage! The insurance company called it an "old beater", and refuses to pay for repairs. Even if I must sue my insurance company (Progressive), I will get this car repaired! It is the best vehicle I've ever owned, and is GREAT in the snow of Wisconsin's Northwoods.

The only problem I had previously was weak AC. It is a big car, and AC didn't always keep it cool enough. Luckily, it also has a tinted moon-roof!!

General Comments:

This car is boxy, not very economical for city driving, and clumsy, but it is excellent on a snowy road. Not only have I never gotten it stuck, but it is very surefooted on slippery-snowy-slushy highways. On ice, it's terrible (just like all other cars), I caution you, however, that it needs to be in 4WD when it's slippery. In 2WD, it won't go anywhere on slick roads, as 401 engine makes it very front heavy.

It is a plush way to ride down the Interstate, if you can afford to feed its fuel tank. I get 9-12 around city, and 17-22 on trips.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2001

23rd Dec 2003, 10:05

Your Jeep has a 5.9L (360 cid) engine, not a 401. The 401 engine has not been available since the 1970's.

Was curious as to whether you ever reached agreement with your insurance company and/or got your Wagoneer repaired.

As to the value of Grand Wagoneers, there are a couple of dealers in TX with websites selling GW's for what seem like exorbitant prices ($15K-$25K, or 3-4 times the book value for one in good condition). They claim to completely recondition them, but when you look at the work they list as having done, it is typically diddly-squat stuff like new tires, water pump, mufflers, etc, plus detailing. They say they are looking for low-mileage GW's to buy for resale, but wonder what they pay? Since their prices are far over book, do they they pay over book wholesale as well?