1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer V8 from North America


American big at it's best


Just bought this baby last week. It's near mint condition, beautiful inside and out.

Am reading these reviews to get a sense of what I'm in for.

Right now the only issue is that it seems like it could use a tune up.

All speakers are blown, stereo is junk. I'll replace it soon, but that's no big surprise or big deal.

General Comments:

I've already got an old '71 Scout and two Landcruisers so that I suddenly have a Jeep is sort of a surprise. Landcruiser owners typically sneer at Jeeps and vice versa. But I've always admired the big old full size Jeeps and this one came up for sale in my little town and I couldn't resist. I was actually planning to buy a new FJ Cruiser to fulfill my need for a "real car" i.e. something with heat, a roof, and that one could imagine going on a long road trip in. I'm thinking and hoping that this '91 Grand Waggoner is going to fill the bill just fine thank you, and leave me with thousands of dollars. I paid a pretty good bit for it, but bought it from the original owner, who kept it at a second home and always in the garage. Am not looking forward to learning a whole new "language" though in learning about it's quirks and problems, but that’s why I'm reading this web site today. Thanks everybody for your tips and insight.

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Review Date: 14th September, 2006

15th Sep 2006, 01:31

I grew up driving these - my parents' favorite type of car. We mostly had excellent luck with them, though out of a series of about 6 over the years, one was a horrible lemon with electrical problems, and of course they all rusted away eventually.

Good luck at the gas pump however. I drove a 1982 Grand Wagoneer from St. Louis to New York a couple of times and found it could have sure used an overdrive - geared a bit too low for road trips. Of course that was in the days of $1.00/gallon gas. I loved having the thing in Upstate New York though - I could drive in the worst snowstorms!

1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer 5.9L V8-144hp,360CI from North America


A true beast for the off-road enthusiast


Broke the U-Joint on the drive shaft while trying to accelerate.

A seal is leaking around the fuel line to the carburetor resulting in a small trickle of gas to spew out when the gas pedal is depressed.

Replaced brakes at 107000 miles.

Glove compartment latch snapped off.

Leather is badly worn on the seats.

All, but one speaker is blown.

Upholstery is starting to come down severely.

Rear wiper does not work at all.

Fog lights would remain on after switch is turned to "off."

General Comments:

I own a 1991 Grand Wagoneer: Final Edition. The production number for this year is 1,560. It's rare enough to find a GW anyway. I know of 8 other guys in my area who own GW's, but I still have yet to find another 1991. Just about everything on the 1991 is the same as the last few years of the GW line, except for a plaque on the dash that beefs up the value for the vehicle.

It is a beast off-road. With its 4WD and and immense power, it has powered through many four-wheeling trips. Although, I'm usually there to pull out my smaller Jeep companions. I tend to stay in the back letting them take the chance of sinking because it's easier for my 3-ton Jeep to pull out their 1-ton Jeeps than vice-versa.

For it's large engine size (5.9 V8-360 cubic inch) and much to be desired gas economy (11-city; 13-hwy), I was a little upset over it's wimpy 144HP. Then I found what it lacked in speed, it gained in power. With its 280lb-ft torque, it can pull virtually anything! It easily pulled a 2 1/2 ton Chevy sideways in the wet grass; it never even slipped.

Despite some of the problems I've had recently, this is truly a remarkable vehicle!

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Review Date: 13th March, 2005

3rd Nov 2005, 23:19

I agree that the 1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. is an awesome vehicle. I too have the "final edition" with the special plaque on the dash, and have yet to see another. My Jeep has a whopping 240,000 + miles on it, and still going strong. Not enough room to list the items we've replaced, rebuilt, or fixed... but still is a reliable Jeep, as most are!