29th Apr 2001, 07:00

My 1984 Jeep Grand Wagoneer was the most beautiful vehicle I had ever driven... or ridden in! I'd been driving it for six weeks and loved it completely when I discovered that the frame was almost rusted in half. I couldn't drive it any more. I went back to my little Ford car and continued searching for Jeeps. Many of the wagons have rusted floorboards. In my area, where there is a lot of salt on the roads in winter, this is a problem for some vehicles, but it seems, with wagons, more frequent than usual. THEY ARE STILL GRAND. They are absolutely the best and most beautiful vehicle I have ever known. I will own another one.

27th Aug 2001, 19:42

I agree with the rusting frame comment. The frame on my 89 Wagoneer had some rust problems where condensation was sealed between the frame and undercoating. I had the piece sister welded up - an area only about a foot long. No problems since.

27th Feb 2002, 10:11

I drive an 89 white Grand Wagoneer and it's nothing but the king of the road.

However, engine control systems require extra attention (vacuum hoses, valves, filters, etc...) The Motorcraft 2150 carburetor is a smooth one, but only if it's tuned every few months and that the exhaust heat riser valve and hot air choke tubes are working and in good shape.

There's no doubt about it, you feel great driving it on the highway, there's plenty of power when you have a 360 V8 under the hood. It has the most stylish interior and exterior with power eveything (all my power windows, locks, mirrors and seats work fine!)

The best thing to preserve this vehicle is to have it oil sprayed inside the body panels and underside. Especially the tailgate, as this prevents the window linkages from binding and rusting away.