3rd Apr 2009, 19:17

I'm looking at a high mileage but apparently well maintained GW.

Mileage is at 196K. Carb recently rebuilt.

My last Wagoneer started to go downhill fast at the 175k mark. Repeat piston issues forced me to sell it before I went away for school. Couldn't afford the upkeep to keep Betsy running smooth. Any thoughts on potential issues I can refer my mechanic to take a look at when I take the car for a check up prior to the purchase?

Any recommendations much appreciated.

Thanks guys.

11th Apr 2009, 09:59

Excellent review and right on the mark with op. I have a 89 Grand Wagoneer with 350K miles. Still running great. Rebuild orig engine using same pistons (were in spec). Good old fun car.

29th May 2009, 22:26

I have a 1990 Grand Wagoneer with 133000 miles. I bought it two years ago. I have put a lot of time and effort into it to turn it into a daily driver. The best thing I did was change the oil to amzoil and change tranny fluid to synthetic. I took a trip down to the coast 170 miles and got between 15 to 16 mpg. Running the A/C the whole way. Just wanted to help out with the mpg issue.

19th Jun 2009, 13:19

I have a 1990 GW with 119,000 miles, which I bought just over 2 years ago. I've replaced everything under the hood, except the Power Steering Pump and AC. Everything is great. The review above is perfect, minor repairs other than the major engine replacement. I expect to drive it for several years.

11th Aug 2010, 08:35

I recently got a well maintained 1990 GW, white with tan. I had to put a timing chain and an accelerator pump on it 2 days after I got it. The only other problem I had was the rear window. It gave me some fits trying to figure out the wiring; finally fixed it. Thanks to the Ol' Jeep website, I found a lot of good information: http://oljeep.com/

Truly my dream truck, though my wife can't understand why. I think it's because it reminds me of childhood, I know I feel like a kid every time I drive it. Long live the Woody!