2009 Jeep Liberty Sport 3.7 V6 from North America


So far it has been a good value for a good SUV


Nothing has gone wrong with the Liberty so far, it has only been in for its scheduled oil changes, a tire rotation, and state inspection. Every item and feature on the vehicle has worked as it should since purchasing.

General Comments:

On the good side, the Liberty has a nice ride, and good room inside.

The instruments are nice, and it came well equipped for a very low price.

The 3.7 has fairly decent power and the 4WD works well.

Every feature on the Liberty works well, and it is comfortable on highway trips.

Nice solid rear axle, more of a truck type of chassis than a built up little car like many of the SUVs are now.

On the down side, it could get better MPG, but it's slightly better than our previous 4.0 Cherokee Sport and really not as bad as some make it out to be - maybe not Honda CRV MPG, but it's not a 150 HP four banger powering the Liberty either.

It has a lot of blind spots, especially when backing.

The hood sheet metal seems to move up and down slightly when riding on the highway.

Other than that, no real complaints thus far.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2009

12th Mar 2011, 01:24

I wrote this original review, and now two years in to it, the Liberty is still holding up well with no dealer warranty repairs needed. Mileage is now just over 20,000.

It was hit HARD in a front end accident, and was repaired at a body shop. The accident did no structural damage to the Liberty's unibody, only a lot of broken front end plastic like the grille and fender, and the shop restored it to excellent condition in a quick time frame.

My wife (who drives the Liberty) was given three days with a rental car, a Honda Civic. What the heck is so great about those cars according to everyone? That little thing was horrible! It's underside hit everything on the winter roads of Erie, PA in those three days, and the dash is so freaking long you can't even see where the front end of the little piece of junk is, not to mention I hit my head on the roof of the car EVERY TIME I tried to get in to it.

Enterprise gave my wife a rental Jeep Grand Cherokee after she complained, and we were happy with that until the Liberty came back.