10th Feb 2013, 21:27

Well that explains why I'm always late and thought it was me. I noticed it didn't keep time well, but didn't consider the clock was the issue. I will bring this to their attention when I take it back for the third time getting the fuel tank gauge fixed.

The day I bought the vehicle and drove off the lot, the fuel gauge immediately dropped to empty. I should have taken it back right then and there, but being that I was excited to get a new car, I just called them, and like the review above, I was assured that after driving it for awhile it would recalibrate itself. It was explained to me that the person who drove the vehicle down from the other dealership let it almost run out of gas. The fuel gauge jumps around no matter when, where, what type or how much gas is in the tank. When it registers empty, of course the bell rings constantly, and eventually the engine light comes on. This problem has never fixed itself. Anyone else have this problem?

10th Apr 2013, 14:29

Okay, this is a follow up on my above clock issue. They did call me back and tell me that the part was in, and to bring the car in. Since I didn't want to wait in the waiting room for hours and hours, I decided to just drop the Jeep Liberty off and told them to call me when it was finished.

They had it for almost 24 hours, and then they called me and asked me why my Liberty was there. LOL! So I told them again why, and then they told me that they knew that there were issues with clocks on some Jeep Liberty's, but that there was no known fix. Sigh. So for the third time I had to tell them about the service bulletin that Jeep had out about about the issue, that included what was needed to be done to fix the problem. I read out over the phone the entire bulletin, word for word. Finally he understood :) So a few hours later the Liberty was finally fixed, and it keeps perfect time too.

I hate that I have to be 'pushy' about all these fixes, but nothing at all would get fixed if I weren't that way. Keep in mind, we're talking about a brand new (and, for me, costly) SUV, and I expect for everything to work properly, at least while I can still smell the new car scent! I'm not a pushy person at all, but what else can I do? I'm not sure that I would buy another Jeep at this point because of the multiple electronic/software gremlins, and the hoops that I have to jump through to get these things fixed. Maybe some of their other SUVs/Jeeps are better than the Liberty; I cannot say for sure.

In Jeep's defense, they DID fix all of my issues, and for free too (under warranty), even though they had to always be 'reminded' about their own service bulletins. In addition, it's no fun having to wait for hours and hours in their waiting room.

To the above poster re: the gas gauge, I am not surprised at all. For the final year of a particular model, you'd think that all of these electronic/software issues would not be present. But they are, and in spades. Thank goodness I don't have your issue, because that would drive me crazy. I hope they have fixed that for you by now.