2015 Jeep Renegade Latitude 2.4 Tigershark from North America


Fun exciting new Jeep!


Service engine light came on 2nd week of ownership. Dealership diagnosed and it was determined it needed a new set of spark plugs. Seems odd to me, but whatever.

Other than that, no problems!

General Comments:

My wife and I really like the Renegade. It's fun to drive and works well for our small family.

It has some really cool features like blind spot monitoring, backup camera, and it came with 1 year of free Sirius radio and Bluetooth connectivity for our phones.

We have the front wheel drive model, and I will update the review this winter on how well it handles snow.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2015

4th Jul 2015, 04:10

I just bought mine a week and a half ago. Naturally aspirated sport trim in commando green. Got the 5 inch touch screen. It's a neat commuter vehicle while I put together the Comanche for my off-road toy. Enjoying it and babying it.

3rd Aug 2015, 19:19

What is your opinion on the undercoating protection? I've seen some reports that people are concerned with the lack of undercoating protection.

20th Jan 2016, 05:40

Update from the owner; the Renegade is doing fine in the snow. We just had our 2nd oil change. Great car and fun to drive!

19th Nov 2016, 11:19

Nice car. I think that the Renegade has great character. It's Jeep philosophy in a nice package very suitable for daily driving. I wish you many trouble free happy miles with your Jeep!