1974 Jeep Wagoneer 360 2 barrel from North America


Very rugged and takes abuse with aplomb.


I had problems with the transfer case (Quadratrac) popping out of low-range, but a used $10 locking ring from a salvage yard solved that problem. I also had to replace the transfer case chain ($130). It has a self-changing oiling system (it leaks everywhere) but starts and runs great. The springs sag, as is common, but I put add-a-leafs up front and helper springs in the rear. It was rusted out too, so I bought fenders and rocker panels from JC Whitney and had it painted in '89. It still looks great. No woodgrain on it anymore. It likes gas though. 12 mpg is about average.

General Comments:

This is a rugged 4X4 that I have used off-road extensively. It rides nice, has enough power and I'm not afraid to get close to trees with it. It's roomy and can pull a trailer fine.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2003