21st Mar 2001, 23:40

Yes, and the British just now got around to using toilet paper in the 20th century as well. Are the Land Rovers good vehicles? Yes. However, unless your are Bill Gates and can afford to scratch yours up on the trail. I guess the rest of us Jeep owners will just have to admire them from their owners driveways and on interstates. All of us know that is the only place those doughnut sized street tires that come factory on them will ever see.

I bought a Jeep so that I could get it dirty, not to sing "koombaya" with the rest of the yuppies who own them at the company picnic.

17th Jul 2001, 12:56

Have you worked a Landcruiser FJ40 off-road?

2nd Oct 2001, 14:04

I own a 1994 Wrangler S and at 49,000 miles my damn transmission went out on a highway in the middle of nowhere. I love my Jeep, but I have had to fix the transmission twice and I currently only have 71,000 miles on it. I think maybe Chrysler teamed up with Yugo on their 1994 transmissions. Either way the only way I would get rid of it is to trade it in for a new one.


A JEEP lover.

29th Oct 2001, 10:30

Land Rovers are overpriced, over weight pieces of junk that will nickel & dime you to death. I know, I owned a 94 Defender 90. Now I am the proud owner of a 97 Wrangler & it will kick any Land Rover's butt off road. I also owned a 90 Wrangler & had to fix the transmission in it three times. I have had no problems with my 97, it is a much better truck.

14th Jun 2002, 14:31

Just to chip in on the Jeep/Land Rover debate. I have to heartily disagree with both sides. I am a devoted Wrangler owner-- I love my Jeep. That said, I'm a big fan of the Land Rover too. Having grown up on a farm with 3 Land Rovers, one of which was a 1956 model that had over 230,000 miles on it, I can state that they're NOT just for the city. Does my Jeep handle well off road? Heck yes! Does it handle anywhere near as well as the old Landorvers I grew up with? Not really, maybe just barely. Unfortunately, because of import prices, Land Rovers have become yuppie vehicles over here and aren't used properly. (That and the Range Rover Land Cruiser has been classified as a Land Rover... which it's not. A Land Cruiser and Defender are to real Land Rovers what the Grand Cerokee and the Liberty are to Wranglers. Nicer, snootier cousins.) I'll never give up my Jeep. But if I did, the only car I'd give it up for would be a good solid Land Rover, the only car that can actually put the Wrangler to shame.

26th Jun 2002, 11:11

I own a 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport with both tops. It is a stick 4.0 with out air. I am really enjoying this vehicle a ton. I have owned some very nice cars in the past such as a BMW 328, Bmw 318, Jeep CJ 7, Mercedes 450 SL and everything American from a mustang to a camaro to a Buick Regal. So I say this with conviction, "this is by far the most fun and interesting auto I have ever owned!" I smile at every dirt trail I see and can't wait to go off road and explore. I do have to get up earlier in the morning to get to my Wrangler before my wife gets it.

3rd Jul 2002, 23:44


Mine is a 2000 Wrangler Sport 4.0/4wd stick. It is by far the best thing I have ever driven. My previous car was a Jeep Cherokee, and I thought that was a good vehicle. I will heartily agree with the previous comment -- my wife has a very nice Acura TL -leather, sunroof and all the bells and whistles, but it is a race in the morning to get to the Jeep. I have yet to stick the thing, but it is not from lack of effort; I certainly look differently at dirt roads -- hell no roads -- to wherever I want to go. I cannot believe this much fun is legal.

5th Aug 2002, 18:38

I own a 2000 Jeep Wrangler SE with the 4 cylinder engine... but don't let that thing fool you...it's a powerhouse off road! In 4Wheel Low, just about any Jeep engine will do the trick, V8, Inline 6, or 4cylinder, it doesn't matter, they all rock!!! I've heavily modified my Jeep for the trails, because that's what they're supposed to be used for!!! It's also my daily driver, and I have no complaints about it whatsoever... no mechanical problems, and I mean none, zero, zilch, nada! I've owned this Jeep since 1999, and it has not been in the shop once for a repair, and I bang the hell out of this thing on the trails! This is one tough little truck, and anyone who says that Land Rovers are better, just wait until your warranty runs out...you'll be crying all the way to the bank!! With 33 inch tires, a lift, and lots of other modifications to the axles and drivetrain, this Jeep has held together wonderfully... and if you're looking for a comfortable ride, then buy a Suburban or a Grand Cherokee maybe, and stick with the grocery store runs, and taking the kids to the mall! It's silly to state that a Wrangler is uncomfortable! No one ever accused this car of being luxurious, that's ridiculous... later all!

10th Dec 2002, 11:43

I have a 2002 Jeep Wrangler Sport. Bought it brand new. Now it has 29,000 miles. I took it on the most rugged trails I could find. And I also had a few 1000 miles "per day on the hiway". Not a single mechanical problem. An incredible adventure vehicle.

6th Jul 2003, 13:16

Comments from the UK:-

I think we have two problems here in the Land Rover versus Jeep debate.

Point one:- If you say Land Rover and mean Range Rovers, Discoverys or Freelanders these are NOT Off Road vehicles. Oh sure, they sell them as that, but knowing that they will only actually be used for going to the shops and back. The only exception to this is very early Range Rovers which were much tougher.

Point two:- If you say Land Rovers and mean Defenders, 90's and 110's then these are good off road vehicles, but much better in mud than on rocky trails. However I gather in America they are very expensive to run and maintain so probably not a good buy. In UK Wranglers are rare and expensive to run and maintain so, again, probably not a good buy.

Finally, what is this "toilet paper" of which you speak?

20th Jan 2004, 08:51

I am the PROUD owner of a 98 Jeep Wrangler Sport. I blew the Transmission in it. My fault. Off road issues and got it stuck. Hows this for stuck. An F350 dually had to pull me out, which is where I think the trouble with the Transmission came from. Off road this vehicle is almost unstoppable, but unless it is driven right, there are plenty of things that will stop it. On road, I have never felt more secure, more stable, and more unstoppable than I do in my Jeep. When hurricanes come though I am one of very few vehicles out surveying the damage. Pulling the other drivers of "SUV" out of the ditches, and water traps left by mother nature. I have been through places the The infamous Hummer has not been able to go. Wheel base is everything. On the freeway there is some noise, but turn up the stereo, and just roll on. If you want luxury, stay on the porch with the BMW's, Fords, Chevy's and other such "SUV", but if you want to run with the big dogs, go Jeep. This year I plan to go to Camp Jeep, and the Jeep Jamboree. Learn to drive this ultimate off road vehicle the way it was built to be driven. I will never own any other SUV, but a Jeep. Plan to get my girlfriend a Cherokee so that the family can come with us on treks.