29th May 2001, 17:04

The saying stands, "Its a jeep thing, I guess you just don't understand."

20th Jun 2001, 20:29

Its seems all the crap your whining about is the whole reason for buying a Jeep in the first place... they are loud, unstable, big boxes, and I love every one of them. If you don't want your Jeep, I'll take it. <muddyjeep02@aol.com>

11th Oct 2001, 20:59

I'll have to agree with the other 3 responses. I currently have a 1999 Wrangler Sport, and most of the problems you stated, I can say I have had, but those things are also what I love about my Jeep. There is no other car like it, period. Take it on the beach this weekend and you will see why. Put it in 4-wheel drive this winter when ice or snow hits, and you will see why. Jeeps are Trucks, not cars, in fact Jeeps are just Jeeps.

1st Nov 2001, 17:47

Why did this guy buy a Jeep? He sounds like a luxury car yuppie going through a mid-life crisis. He just doesn't get it...

1st Jun 2002, 14:02

He's right about one thing though!! Chrysler: the nickel and dime company...

23rd Jun 2002, 13:41

I had never owned a Jeep until I read the above comments. Then I knew I had to have one, so I went out and bought a 1999 Jeep Wrangler Sport. Why? Because like this guy I had been resting in comfort not living an adventure. Now for 6 months I have had on and off road adventure in my life, and I gotta say I love my 1999 Jeep and never drive the 2000 BMW parked in the drive. BTW the BMW is for sale if you wanna buy it...

23rd Dec 2002, 19:26

Jeep or not to Jeep that's THE Question. Let me see, I bought what one, no! two, my gosh four Jeeps. My last is a 1999 TJ. Yes there are things that Chrysler will never perfect, and the gas mileage really is poor, but I drive it daily down pig paths and mountain paths... I am a hospice social worker and my patients are glad I own a JEEP.

10th Mar 2003, 01:44

I just bought my 1999 Jeep wrangler and I love it. Why would you even buy another one if you didn't like them?

18th Sep 2003, 12:29

Wait, did my wife write this?

30th Oct 2008, 12:53

Ford? Chrysler is bad enough! I wouldn't wish Ford on Jeep.

I wish AMC was still making them!

5th Mar 2009, 08:21

"I wish AMC was still making them!"

Then it would look like a JK but with SQUARE headlights! :)

14th Jul 2009, 22:40

Oh come on guys..shall I buy one or not.. electrics cutting out...expensive repairs... oh yes they do look nice on the drive..but not sure I want all the repair bills...

12th Jan 2010, 23:18

It's a Jeep bro, they're not made to be roomy and nice, if that's what you want out of a Jeep, buy a new JK mall crawler. I'm 16 and have a 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4.0 with 150000 miles on it, and I've had no problems with it at all, besides the normal maintenance and whatever I've broke driving it off-road.

18th May 2010, 20:28

I have owned 3 Cherokee's and one Wrangler. Every time I trade in the Jeep, I always have another fall in my lap, some how, some way.

Sure they break, then you fix them and keep going.

They are not comfortable, they get you where you point it. I live up in the Seattle area, Jeeps are everyplace and tons of parts, so when they do break, you can get the parts instantly.

They are loud and rattle when off road; it's a Jeep thing, I love them.

28th Jan 2015, 21:42

I just got my daughter a 1999 Jeep Sport. She loves it. The gas mileage is not good, but I knew this coming in. She cannot wait to take the hard top off and put the soft top down in the summer.