28th Jul 2004, 03:31

I to own a 98 Sahara, and its been great. It now has 98,050 and is still going strong. Other than replacing my rear axel which happened about two months ago, and my idler pulley. Also my gauges do cut on and off, but you just give them a good tap. Everything else is great. I've done some serious off-roading in it, but she still purrs. No rust yet, but as far as leaks go it's a jeep. Hell I cruise without top or carpets in the warm season rain or sun shine. She is truly a beast and I'm very satisfied with her.

19th Aug 2004, 22:47

There was another section where it said the gages goin off is a result to the connections behind them on the dash being loose. There person stated to remove the plastic underneath the dash, reach up there, and tighten them. That's it for all who wonder, seems like it's a common problem.

20th Sep 2004, 14:55

I just read over the previous comments and I would just like to add a few myself. I have worked for Chrysler since 1994 as a transmission tech. yes I have seen a lot of problems in the earlier years, however as of now I must say that I am standing here with no work to do. I currently work for a Dodge dealer where we see mini vans, cars and trucks. Yes I can agree that in the beginning (from 1989 to about 1996 or so) there were a lot of problems with the front wheel drive transmissions. So now I make about half the money I used to. I truly believe in Chryslers, Jeeps and Dodges.

26th Dec 2004, 22:50

My wife owns a 98 jeep wrangler Sahara edition with an automatic transmission. It has approximately 90K miles and has the same problem of slipping. While in 1st gear the tachometer will bounce to about 4K RPM and eventually get in gear and go. I will be working on it this weekend as it is an apparent hazard to our safety. While I don't make much money, I can't afford to take it to a dealer and give them my arm and leg. For this reason our technician friend probably isn't seeing much work. My brother also owned a dodge ram in which he had the transmission replaced after about 5 years of use. It would be nice to limit transmission problems to one company, but I have witnessed problems with other vehicles as well. We live in America, were quality and long-lasting products have taken a back seat to cheap and disposable products. If companies made a vehicle that lasted forever their would be no profit, our mechanic friends would go out of business, and we would still complain.

18th Dec 2007, 10:03

I bought a 2000 Wrangler Sahara. It has 22,000 miles. I drove it for 8 days and all of a sudden the check engine light came on and it either quits running or runs real rough after 5000 RPMs. It has been in the shop for 6 weeks and they cannot fix it. They have changed out all the sensors and the main computer 3 times. I am told it is electrical, but no one can find the problem. Any help would be appreciated.

4th Mar 2008, 11:30

UM yes, I have a 98 Sahara which I have owned from 2004. It has 118k miles and I have had NO problems.

If you say your jeep has been pampered, I'd hate to see what you call pampering.

I run 35" tires with a manual tranny with a 4" lift. It runs like a champ; I even race it and win.

Everything is stock except the wheels, tires and lift. The only thing I have done is put a battery on it cause my sound system ruined it.

Thanx smitty.

12th Jun 2008, 07:25

I own a 1998 Jeep Sahara and it now has 60K miles. It runs great and I have had no problems with it except for the A/C compressor. I replaced the cloth top this year and now have tinted plastic side windows. I own a few cars but I almost always ride with my Sahara. Easy to park, great visibility and it goes in mud, sand, snow anywhere.

16th Sep 2008, 21:08

I own a 98 Wrangler Sahara 6 cyl manual, and bought it about seven years ago with 75,000 miles on it. Despite the rear end going on me, fortunately under warranty, I have had no problems. This engine is awesome and would recommend it to anyone to buy a Jeep. For all you complainers, go buy a Cabrio or Sebring.


3rd Jan 2009, 07:42

I own a "98" Sahara with the 6 cyl. motor, which was purchased new for my teenage son. He put 100,000 miles on it mostly on road but some off. When he decided to trade it for a 4wd truck I interviened.

After removing the over sized tires and replacing some worn out upholstery it became my second vehicle. It has proved to be so dependable that it has now become my only source of transportation.

I've had only minor mechanical problems and no rust. It now has 140,000 miles and I fully expect to go over 200,000.

17th Jan 2009, 22:58

I own a 99 Jeep Cherokee Sport. I bought it at 130,000 and put a new head gasket on it. Soon after it needed (2) oxygen sensors, a new radiator, a water pump, sway bar, wheel bearings, distributor cap, map sensor and some new electrical components.

Soon after this my check engine light came on again. I ended up getting (2) more O2 sensors at 100 bucks a piece and brought it to my mechanic. I was told that the main computer was messed up. Other than the problems (so far) I enjoy the car in general, how it handles and drives!

30th Dec 2009, 08:49

I have a 98 TJ and it now has 70k miles in the odo and no major problems. I drive it year around (in Finland) so lots of snow and water everywhere. No rust yet, tailgate and rear window hinges along with the mirror arms have oxidized, but that's a common problem.

Front sway bars have been replaced, partly because of an unintended offroad experience in heavy snow.

Check engine light goes on and off, and gauges have to be awakened with a little slap sometimes, but hey those problems are easy to live with.

Have been very happy with the car overall. Warm enough in the winter, and cool enough with the top down in the summer.

4th May 2010, 12:44

I have a 98 Sahara, which I bought used 5 years ago, and have had a lot of fun with and very minor repairs on.

First was rotors, well who hasn't replaced those, and front sway bars.

I run it with 32x10.5 tires and a 2 inch lift. Plus some minor mods in the engine, like cold air intake, throttle body spacer, high end plugs, wires, and cap/rotor and a better battery for the stereo and extra lights.

The only rust I have is on the fender, my fault really, I don't wash it but once a year.

I do hear a slight rattle in the drive shaft I think; I went through a packed snow bank last month and may have ruined a seal of some kind. I'm taking it in this week to see.