27th Nov 2001, 07:01

98 Wrangler Sahara

This is my 3rd Jeep... 1 Cherokee 2 Wranglers... Problems..problems..problems. Would not recommend to anyone... transmission problems on both Wranglers and NOW I am faced with the exhaust manifold cracks... Jeep quoted me a new one for $575.00... gee thanks : (it only has 41,000 miles and NEVER off road)... NEVER, never, never buy another jeep. JEEP stands for Just Empty Every Pocket.

28th May 2002, 16:11

I have a manifold crack on my jeep, right on the weld which should be the strongest point. $450 to replace, 99 jeep wrangler 70K miles.

5th Nov 2002, 13:34

I to have had to replace a cracked manifold on a 1998 Wrangler. Where can we go to get help for reimbursement. Jeep has offered no help. The cost was over $500. photojim@tir.com.

4th Mar 2003, 12:55

I have a 97 Wrangler with a cracked manifold and commute in it. Jeep should make a vehicle that can handle the every day driving. I am also in the military and have riden in a military HMMWV and the commercial version and they surely didn't make them both the same. Jeeps started in the military, but now they are mainly driven by those that don't do the intense off roading. As such Jeep should make product that supports this and back it up.

17th Apr 2003, 01:18

What can I say... if you are the kind of person who is only looking for comfort, and smooth rides you should probably look the auto industry more that an a 4X4. Yes! Jeep is not the best vehicle for any city driving, but if you challenge its off road capabilities, I promiss you there will be no dissapointment in your face. Cracked manifold? yes, 4.0 have that problem. If you want to love a Jeep, you have to treat it as such. Remember "my Jeep is not an SUV... your SUV is not a Jeep". Go ahead... buy a Mitsubishi Montero, or a Hyundai Santafe, and you will find out what a bad car is about, just as bad as their warranty.

16th Jul 2003, 13:39

It sounds like some people are expecting something from a Jeep that isn't even there. Why would you expect a jeep to be an everyday city driver and just use it for that purpose? What would compel you to use a jeep strictly for city driving. I would like to say that I have an '88 4.2L and it has held up great. I'm the 3rd owner, 106k miles on it and I haven't had any trouble. This is my daily driver, but I don't try to push it, I take it easy on the road sometimes going below the speed limit, but when I'm off-road it's great! You can't expect too much city comfort from a jeep! They're meant to be fun! If you bash on Jeep go buy a Honda, you'll hate it after a month I know trust me.

3rd Jan 2004, 08:26

I've got a 1997 Wrangler 2.5. Manifold bolts replaced under warranty 70k, TPS, MAP sensors replaced 85k, Cat replaced at 90k, Ball joints at 105k other than that the vehicle has been great. A bit under powered and bad on plowed snowy roads with all season tires, but very reliable, 113k and still ticking without burning a drop of oil.

7th Jan 2004, 14:31

I love my Jeep! I live in the city and purchased a 97 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4.0 specifically for city driving. The roads here are terrible! Who needs off-road driving! For me it is a great city vehicle. Compared to a car it doesn't have a lot of speed, but it has great endurance. It has handled our rough streets and snowy winters with ease. I just replaced a cracked exhaust manifold last year. Two weeks ago I had to have a tune-up (second) and yesterday I replaced the original battery. I'm at 88,000+ miles and expect to keep driving well past 150,000 miles! I change the oil regularly. The maintenance work was expected. This is one of the best vehicle I've ever owned (it's totally paid for) and if I ever decide to have another car payment it will probably be another Jeep. :-)

19th Jul 2004, 08:47

Own a '99 Wrangler Sahara. Well maintained. Live on a Michigan dirt road, so it is like off-roading in the winter and spring times... CRACKED EXHAUST MANIFOLD/HEADER...

This is truly the only design problem of the wrangler. Once you upgrade to an AFTERMARKET manifold, the rest is easy. What other auto can you pop the hood and have access to any other system with the hands-free clearance? What other mid-priced vehicle can you purchase and not see a major depreciation? The people above who vow to never buy another Jeep are probably the ones who voted for Clinton TWICE and will cast a vote for Kerry!!!

22nd Oct 2004, 12:27

1999 Wrangler Sport.

Great vehicle for 4 years, no problems whatsoever minus lacking gas mileage (14 - 16 miles per gal.) Just turned over 40,000 miles and clutch totally fails, complete replacement $620.00. Still in shock!

21st Jul 2006, 20:28

To all Wrangler Owners,

I own a '99 Wrangler and experienced the exhaust manifold cracks that a lot of you are mentioning at 98,000 miles. Yes the original equipment replacement is pricey (around $300), but you can get a quality stainless steel header for similar money if you search online. Mine was easy to install. Even with the original stock (restrictive) exhaust system from the header back, the sound is a pleasant deep tone, not louder, just deeper. Throttle response is snappier also. Being stainless steel it should last a long time. The best part is no more annoying leak under my feet! Hope this helps.

22nd Jul 2006, 15:24

Yes, the exhaust manifolds do crack sometime after 80,000 miles, but the 4.0 is a great engine.

I prefer the YJ's to the Chrysler designed TJ's, but overall Wrangler's are a pretty solid little 4x4.

Chrysler's electronics tend to be the only other issue on the TJ's.

15th Jul 2010, 10:08

I have owned 4 Wranglers, 92, two 97's, and a new style 2007, and one 79 CJ5, two Cherokee Sports, 97-98 and one plush 07 Grand Cherokee. I have driven Jeeps for about 28 years now, and only replaced cracked exhaust manifolds on a 97 Sport 4.0L six. I replaced it with a Dorman brand from Auto Zone, and it was reasonable in price and in stock, and better than OEM. On my 97 Sahara 4.0L six, I used a Banks brand header from 4WD Hardware (4WD.com) that won't break, and it was worth it.

I enjoyed the Jeeps because I enjoy the outdoors and the Jeeps capabilities when needed. All vehicles need repairing, and Jeeps are no exception. Proper maintenance is required, depending on how you use it. Abuse it and maintain it, it works.