30th Jan 2007, 01:43

1997 SE Auto 313k and counting. gas bill is the only thing I hate about it.. Changed the normal things you would after that many miles, but it has seen the coast line from mMain in to Mexico and up to Washington many times! Love the thing. Once it dies I will buy another! take care of your car and it will take care of you! If you want a comfy quiet ride buy a Honda! If you want something you can go damn near anywhere buy a jeep!

11th Jul 2007, 21:39

I have a Jeep Sahara 1997 with 130k miles. It seems like is getting overheated after driving at 74miles/hour.

I've already changed the water pumps, thermostat valve, the coolant sensor, the fan clutch, and it still is overheating.

I took to the dealer, and they found a internal problem with the radiator, saying that is the plug from some vents, and it will require me to get a new one. Besides this problem, could there there something else causing the overheating? Before I buy a new radiator, I would like to check on it. I don't want to buy the radiator and have the same problem.

Please feed me back.

12th Jul 2007, 17:13

For the overheating Jeep, try getting the cooling system pressure flushed. After 10 years/130k miles, it probably has rust and scale built up in the radiator passages, and could be closing off some internal water passages, reducing circulation. Also, get an air hose and blow out any dirt or chaff from the radiator cooling fins, or from the fins of the AC condenser in front.

20th Sep 2009, 12:16

OK... first... YOU don't need to down grade a Jeep because of some dumb dealer doesn't want to help you out. I've read a LOT of reviews on Jeeps, because I'm looking into getting one, and so far I still want one, because as someone said earlier in the comments, if you take care of your Jeep it'll take care of you. Well, some of these people with the MOST problems have treated their Jeep like a piece of crap, therefore, you get what you put into it... junk.