24th Feb 2005, 05:12

This is a comment about a comment posted. the jeep mentioned is the SE model, with only a 4 cylinder engine, the sport model which you have has a 6 clyinder engine, therefore different engine loads and transmission loads apply. for the 2000 jeep wrangler SE model, the manual says 2000lbs. thanks.

27th Sep 2005, 04:42

In my original review, I think that there was a little bit of confusion. I still own this jeep, and am just as happy with it today as I was when I wrote this writeup. Just to clarify, my Jeep is equipped with the 4 cylinder engine. It has over 45,000 miles on it now; it had less than 30,000 when I did wrote this up. My Jeep is the 4 cylinder and 5 speed. It still tows great; by far the best vehicle I have had to date. It's a keeper...

7th Aug 2007, 11:45

I am the author of the original writeup; this vehicle now has over 60,000 miles. All of the things on my original review still apply; this vehicle still runs as good as it did the day I purchased it new. Same Engine, transmission, and power-train. All stock jeep in it's original factory configuration still running strong; by far the best vehicle I have ever owned. Only modification is the wheels. I am using after market 15x7 wheels (white wagon wheel) simply because they are cheaper to replace than the factory steel wheels should a wheel get damaged. Major repair work to date: replaced cv joints on forward drive shaft for under $200.00. This vehicle cleans up nicely and still has that new jeep look when all cleaned up. Would I buy another Jeep? Probably not, only because I don't really need to; I will still be driving this one for many years to come!!

16th Apr 2008, 09:57

I own a 2000 Wrangler SE... The only thing I did was add custom wheels and put a new Bestop. I chose black and I purchased the silder glass half door windows off ebay for 125.00 free shipping. Mechanically I have only changed fluids, filters, and brakes... The Jeep currently has 84000 miles and runs like it was new... I love it> my children love it. I am hooked for life especially since I live in Michigan...