1989 Jeep YJ 4.2L from North America


I love my Jeep and will never own anything else


Lifter is going out.

Driver seat is broken. Have welded frame of seat once but didn't hold.

Exhaust system broke apart (Mainly my fault. ROCKS!)

Gas gage isn't very accurate.

Floor is rusting out (My wife took the top off and forgot to take the plugs out.)

E-Brake cable snapped.

General Comments:

I love this jeep! You can't stop it. I doubt the engine will ever blow. My wife ran it almost out of oil once and it still kept on going.

If I could get the gas gage to work properly I would be way more pleased with it.

My biggest problem with the Jeep is the Carburetor. If you go through a puddle just a little too fast, you will be walking for a few days while it dries out.

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Review Date: 20th June, 2009

18th Sep 2009, 20:48

Do you really think that the fact that your wife took the top off and forgot to take the plugs out would be the sole cause of your floor rusting out?

Don't you think that the fact that your Jeep is 20 years old & has had a lot of use would be the main factor?

1989 Jeep YJ Islander Edition 4.2L I-6 from North America


Fun in the sun or mud!


The Jeep has had a few issues:

I rebuilt the crappy Carter Carb. I am planning a switch to the Howell Fuel Injection Kit.

I have replaced the clutch & master cylinder.

The synchros in The AX-15 trans were worn. This causes hard shifts & grinding while shifting.

I have rebuilt both axles due to leaking seals.

I have replaced the top twice. Bestop makes a less than great product.

The rear main seal will leak. I replaced mine along with the oil pan gasket. It has started leaking again.

The 4.2 will run forever with regular maintenance.

A 3" body lift & 1.5" lift shackles will get you plenty of room for 33" tires.

General Comments:

The Jeep is a load of fun. I have always done all the work on my own cars, so working on the Jeep is no problem. You must learn how to work on a car or have a thick wallet if you plan to own a Jeep.

The ride isn't all bad & the fun factor is a 10 with the top down, trail riding or mudding. I have only been stuck once. With selectable lockers & a winch (which I plan to add), you will always be able to get going again. Mine even has A/C if I need it.

With a thick or thin wallet, you can still build it enough to go almost anywhere & have a lot of fun getting there.

I love my Jeep, & will own it for a long long time!

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2009