2005 Kia Amanti from North America


This headlight problem is destroying an otherwise pleasant experience


Headlights keep burning out.

General Comments:

I have noticed that other KIA owners are having problems with headlights burning out. I am beginning to think this is a design defect. This is quite annoying! I may need to sell it! What can be done? Class action suit?

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Review Date: 13th August, 2008

14th Jan 2009, 12:26

I understand that this may be corrected with the replacement of the wiring harness. This came from a Kia dealership forum.

27th Feb 2009, 21:12

I too have a headlight problem, otherwise I been very pleased with my Kia. Buying Mercedes replacement bulbs can be quite expensive. I like the comfort and styling of the Kia. I think it has a classier style than the Lincoln it looks a lot like.

9th Apr 2010, 18:33

I have owned my Kia Amanti now for 1 year, and within the last 3 months I have replaced my headlights twice already. Headlights are not cheap, and replacing them is not an easy task.

2005 Kia Amanti 3.5 V6 from North America


I have a Carbon Gray Amanti that has the leather package and does not have the electronic stability control (ESC). ESC should be standard on this car because of its weight. The Amanti handles smoothly during highway cruising, however, it tends to "float" when encountering humps in the road.

On a few occasions the transmission didn't shift out of low gear. When I started to accelerate slowly from a full stop, the car stayed in low gear for what seemed like a prolonged period of time. I let off of the accelerator and the car shifted into the proper gear.

At 30,000 miles, I had the required maintenance (Transmission fluid changed etc.,.) performed by the KIA dealer, and have not experienced the problem since.

The lunging that others have experienced, I've experienced also, however, since the 30K service, I haven't experienced this again either.

These foibles in the cars performance have been negligible.

I believe that the car could get a little better fuel mileage than it does. It's rated at 27mpg and gets about 22mpg. It could be the low octane fuel causing the low gas mileage. Maybe I should use medium grade and see if there is any difference! Then again; with the price of fuel rising?

There needs to be an arm rest for the left arm. I find that I rest my elbow on the little space where the window inserts into the door. That's not wide enough! After a long ride with my elbow on this tiny ledge, it starts to hurt. With the window down, this isn't a problem. Just drive in warm weather with the window down ;-}

General Comments:

The amenities more than make-up for the shortcomings of this car.

I've been delighted with this car and get nothing but accolades from folks about the looks of this vehicle.

People just can't figure out what they're looking at... Mercedes 300 class, Jaguar S-Type, or a Bentley Continental Flying Spur. That last one is quite ominous!

Someone in Korea must have a relative that works at Bentley Motors :-}

My neighbor has had several Jaguar's and purchased an '07 S-Type recently. We parked them side by side and checked them for similarities inside and out. All I can say is "amazing!" There's more room in the back of the Amanti than the Jaguar. See for yourself. There's also more room in my wallet for $$ too.

For the price and the warranty, this car is an exceptional value by anyone's standards.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2008

2005 Kia Amanti from North America




We have had paint issues with the car chips with rust, but they fixed it before we agreed to buy it.

Also the front monitor in the car that reads the miles, radio station, temp. etc went out, but was covered and replaced in the warranty without an issue.

General Comments:

We love this car! size, smoothness of the ride much better than my moms Honda Accord! doesn't shift hard like Hondas. trunk is huge, we get comments on it daily! head room leg room, but doesn't look too big! people think it is a Mercedes or a Benz all the time. love it.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2007

2nd Sep 2007, 21:40

I just wanted to point out that "Mercedes" and "Benz" are the same thing. The term Benz is a nickname that is used when referencing to the Mercedes Benz line of cars.

I am so glad you love you Amanti also. I've been thinking about getting one.