21st Apr 2003, 06:18

I bought this car and it's a 2002 model and its the best I have ever owned, maybe you should buy a Japanese or American brand, only trouble there about $20,000 dearer.

3rd Jun 2003, 15:58

Hi, I love my KIA Carnival 2000 model and now I'm waiting for the new model of KIA Carnival 2003. I'm from ICELAND Europe.

5th Aug 2003, 21:15

I have had exactly the same problems that you have had.

Once again my Kia is in the repair shop, they have had it more than I have in the last four months.

In Australia we do not have the laws that you Americans have and we are unlikely going to get any action from the company.

Toni Australia.

10th Mar 2004, 03:34

Did all you people not see the review these cars got on a current affair. One lady drove around with the back wiper constantly on as nobody could stop it. Surely if you did, you wouldn't touch these cars with a barge pole.

26th Mar 2004, 23:06

We have had this car for two years and we have had the same problem as you. Which is it spends a lot of time in the car yard. Our biggest problem is that we don't get a replacement car. And our business is suffering badly from there mistakes. And we feel so embarrassed that we bought a lemon.

22nd Apr 2004, 22:26

We bought a used 2000 Kia Carnival 6 months ago and have had a lot of the same problems as already mentioned by others. The latest incident involved the heads and we were able to get Kia to cover parts only. ($400) It has cost us approximately $4000 plus the cost of a hire car $1300. I have now been without my car for 4 weeks and am told it will be still another week. I didn't know about these cars or I would never have bought one. I will trade it as advised by RACQ as soon as it is repaired and will never touch another one! Has anyone made any attempt to challenge Kia? What was the outcome? It is a real shame about the motor as I really love the car's interior!

13th Mar 2006, 03:30

Yes, I have owned my KIA Carnival for almost 5 years and have experience all the problems that have been stated. What really concerns me is KIA and the Dealership are not interested in your problems as long as they have your money. Very Disappointed in this vehicle. Reading all the owner comments throughout different web sites, the bad is definitely greater than the good. A real lemon, please stay away from them.

29th Mar 2006, 00:51

I brought a new Kia Carnival in 2000, and as soon as the warranty ran out, my first engine went. The second 15 months later. On both occasions it was very difficult to get any resolution, but Kia Australia eventualy replaced them with no cost to me.

The 3rd engine just died in feburary. I had no support whatsoever. Kia Australia felt they had been more than generous. We were left with the repair bill. A very expensive lesson. We should have got rid of the lemon in the first place.