28th Mar 2006, 03:43

I totally agree with you all, on that KIA are importing in these lemon cars. Contact me on helping_hand_@hotmail.com if you wish to discuss our wonderful vehicles and we can compare repair bills.

26th May 2006, 00:32

We bought a Kia carnival in 2005, which was a 2001 model. We had the car just on two years and could not fault it until I went to pick my wife and new baby up from hospital, and noticed oil dripping from my lights. I opened the bonnet to find oil had flooded from radiator reservoir, which was full of oil. Took the car to many mechanics, but no one wanted to work on it. They all said they were lemons. Found out it was going to cost between $7000 to $9000 to fix, so decided to sell as is.

Traded and received only $8000. We paid only $21000, so we lost $13000 in two years.

As a father of six kids, I will make sure till my dying day that not one of my family will ever go near one of these lemons ever again. Kia should be ashamed of producing such rubbish.

25th Jun 2006, 05:33

The Hyundai-Kia motor corporation has just gone to number 6 in the world, and in a few years will replace daimler-chrysler as number 5. Kia is the fastest growing brand in Europe and many parts of Asia. Like the Japanese did, Korean products are improving with every new model release. I don't think that they have anything to be ashamed of. Oh and by the way, I drive a Kia Enterprise and Ssangyong Chairman, both extremely beautiful examples of luxury and quality.

Kim Paek Moon - Korea.

3rd Aug 2006, 05:58

Mr Moon... the Kia's are crap!!! Ours has only just clocked over to 103000 km, coolant and oil were mixing in radiator and we have been told that the head gasket is blown!! We can't afford to get it fixed... we have three young children and Kia should not be promoting these as people movers... they should be promoting them as money movers!!!

Never again... SHAME KIA SHAME... I can feel a class action coming on!!

7th Aug 2006, 02:46

I have a 2005 Kia Optima V6 and have had no problems with almost 60,000kms on the clock. Its been comfortable and reliable, no more. Kia are designed as a means of transport and in my opinion they have done well. Oh and to the previous post, its not "Mr Moon" the Koreans put their family name first, his surname is Kim.

12th Aug 2006, 22:26

I brought a 99 carnival 4 years ago and it had 90k on it, it now has 135k on it and apart from the usual problems that go on all cars (brake pads etc) It has never missed a beat. Before I brought it I contacted Kia and found out that it had some Engine parts that were replaced through a recall, many similar ones were not done. It was cheap, it isn't bad on petrol and the brakes wear a bit quicker than a car, but it is about 600kg heavier so that is to be expected.

17th Aug 2006, 18:26

We bought a 99 Carnival 4 months ago from an auction with no warranty.

All was well, and we loved the car until 2 weeks ago. The engine stopped. We then found out about all the problems. We have been quoted anywhere from $5000 -$9000. With five kids this won't be easy to come by.

After doing some research, I found out the block was replaced last July with a warranty for 12 months or 20000kms. Well it was 1 week over the 1 year and has only done 13000kms. KIA don't want to know.

Something needs to be done for all those large families buying a second hand Carnival, as this is not fair to anyone.

Please email peita_smith@hotmail.com Subject line carnival.

17th Aug 2006, 22:22

I bought a Naza Ria in April 2005. Kia Carnival is known as Naza Ria in Malaysia. The car has only clocked slightly over 26,000km. I have experienced engine overheating a couple of times and the service centre has 'bleed' the engine 3 times. The overheating problem still persist and the service centre told me that need to change the engine block and perform overhaul. The car is less than 18 months and now have to change engine block. Kia is really a lousy car and I can't sell the car as the resale value is very, very low. I will never buy another Kia car in this life!!!

Chareon - Malaysia

18th Aug 2006, 05:03

Mr Kim Paek Moon: Are you working for the KIA corporation? You have to be. KIA's have some of the lowest consumer confidence in car industry and have the highest value deprecation of any marque, estimate 50-60% or more (!) over 3 years. Even the low purchase price won't help you, it will be a financial disaster to own one anyhow. If you are unfortunate to buy one new, the problem is that you can't sell them if you are unhappy because no one wants them used, unless the dealer, but they you have to buy a new one. I've learnt the hard way, it was the worst financial decision I ever have done.

You want help from the dealer after it has exceeded warranty? Forget it. To me it is known as Korean Industrial-waste Auto, which really describes these cars.

22nd Aug 2006, 08:39

Yes, don't you love the feeling you get when the dealer offers you 7000$ for the car that you paid over 23000$ for 3 years earlier? When he points out all the defects on your car that you have complained about earlier (of course when the car still was under warranty). Or when he points out "all the panel damage" which are barely visible dents? KIA dealers are the worst in the business, and that says everything.

But the car is not that bad, at least my example is OK. But looking to sell now, has clung on to this car since earlier trade in was not an option for economic reasons. If you plan to buy one, you have to drive it until it is totally worn out, no point in selling it for pocket change.

13th Nov 2006, 23:51

2002-bought new KIA Carnival

2004- Car got towed to dealer. KIA replaced engine after waiting almost 3 months due to high demand for replacement engines.

2006-car towed back to KIA. KIA refuse to cover costs. Local mechanic says $7 000 - 9 000.

KIA Carnival - the budget end of the 'people mover' market. Target - budget conscious larger families.

Does no warranty mean no moral obligation/responsibility to sell a reliable car? Shame on KIA for not standing by their product. As KIA says "Be Surprised!"

12th Dec 2006, 04:58

What most people do not realize is that the sticker price is only half the story. Since the initial price is huge its easy to focus on this alone and forget future payments. "Ah, its ages until I have to spend money on this car, no problem". But for a low quality car added service and repair cost typically makes the life cycle costs (say accumulated cost over 10 years) high. If you think that you can escape from the realities by "gonna sell this car after 3 yrs anyhow", you are wrong since trade in price will be low. You loose anyhow. Stick with quality, typically meaning japanese or some german brands.