2001 Kia Magentis SX 2.7 gasoline from North America


The KIA Magentis is a very comfortable and good performing car


Three sensors associated with the pollution control system were replaced.

The electric door lock actuating mechanism was replaced.

The driver's side and passenger side window operators were replaced at different times.

General Comments:

Six problems occurred with this car in a period of 2 1/2 years. Non of these problems were serious enough to discontinue driving the car until repairs could be carried out.

Normally, it should only require 6 trips to a dealer to get 6 minor repairs carried out.

However, it became obvious that Canadian KIA dealers do not have quick access to replacement parts. In the case of this car, it took 20 trips to the dealer to have them carry out 6 minor repairs.

It has always been a minimum of 2 trips for each repair. One trip to diagnose the problem so that the part can be ordered and a second trip, two or three days later to have the repair carried out.

In two instances, the wrong part was delivered and a third trip was required.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2004

2001 Kia Magentis from North America


Don't walk -- run away from this car


Brake failure, brakes cleaned and adjusted six times.

Transmission replaced at 50,000 km. Transmission still not shifting properly.

Car is in for repairs more than it is out and dealership is not initiating permanent fixes.

Headlights only have a life of 6 months. Dealer says to only use them when it is dark.

Trunk strut broke even though trunk is rarely used.

Fuel sending unit failed.

Wipers rust. Wiper arms have been replaced four times.

Rear door has never closed properly.

Platinum spark plugs fouled at 83,000 and had to be replaced at my expense.

Wiring had to be replaced at the same time.

General Comments:

This car has been the worst nightmare of my life and has been very expensive to own.

If you own one be sure to do the maintenance before the scheduled times as the parts are designed to fail completely at specified times. For example, the timing belt should be replaced at 95,000 so replace it at 90,000 to be safe.

Two different dealerships have done transmission work on the car and must have inadvertently pulled the oil plug instead of the transmission plug. On two occasions I arrived home and found that there was no oil in my engine.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2004

15th Jan 2005, 08:20

The magentis is a nice looking car, but that's all that's good. so much goes wrong with that car and the customer service is no good.

Yesterday I hit a bump and my rear view mirror fell off. the service guy said " that happens to cars" and just about all of my interrior lights have burnt out and I have had the car for 11 months.