2006 Kia Magentis EX L 2.7 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Unbeatable value



General Comments:

The best kept secret on the Australian market.

The Magentis (Optima in North America) is incredible value for a fully featured, well-built, safe, quiet and comfortable car.

Some of the the safety features, such as ESP/ESC, are not even available as an option on most of its big brand competition.

I keep finding intelligent features that make me think someone really wanted to make life easier, safer and better for the driver and passengers. Examples are the safety release inside the boot, and the sunglasses holder above the rear-view mirror.

The car can be extremely quiet, with lowest level of road noise on many surfaces that I have experienced since the famously quiet Peugeot 404. It's running on the standard Hangkook XQ Optimo tyres on 17" alloys.

Ride is average to good, as is handling. However, the ESP (Electronic Stability Program) and Traction Control is very reassuring.

Fuel is amazing, especially on trips. It betters my 4-cyl Volvo. I run it on 98 octane, but it will run happily on 91 octane.

Latest fuel check, over 435kms of 75% highway driving at 110kph and 25% suburban driving, was 7.39 litres/100kms (38.23 Imperial MPG).

The car runs on BP Ultimate 98 octane and has had Nulon Teflon oil additive since 12,000kms.

I thought the auto headlights were a gimmick, but they are really useful in practice.

The 15000km service was $288 including synthetic oil, much cheaper than my wife's Honda.

Interior space is incredibly good as is boot space.

Seats are leather and firmly supportive. The electric driver's seat is a great feature.

Bodywork is high tensile steel and the car feels very tight. Paintwork is excellent and the whole car feels as if it is a quality product.

All in all a totally honest car and one that I feel has given me unbeatable value for money.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2008

14th Oct 2008, 11:00

Hey man.. the car handles well.

But please change your tyre to another brand.

Don't use Hankook Optimo, they won't handle good on wet or even dry surfaces.

Got my korean car imported with that tyre. You better change to Michelin or Pirelli.

Trust me man. Your world will change with those tyres.

Best of luck!!

2006 Kia Magentis EX-L 2.4 litre from Australia and New Zealand


Great car; a pleasure to drive


Nothing yet; have only had it two weeks. It was a demo model.

General Comments:

This car is amazing for the price; it feels solid from the moment you open the door and drives like a european car, which costs at least ten thousand dollars more.

It has all the safety equipment of more expensive cars, and ESP as well. The low profile alloy wheels look great and perform well. If the reliability proves to be as good as the rest of the car, I think Kia has a winner; only time will tell.

Best Kia ever.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2007