3rd Nov 2005, 04:38

Do not listen to that comment. It is in fact utter rubbish. I am avid top gear follower. If you had looked back in the back at Jeremy Clarksons reviews of the car you would find. And I quote.

"Now this is more like it. A large comfy family car that makes perfect financial sense"

Anyone who looks in the back of an 2002/3 top gear magazine will see that.

The magentis is faster than the sonata, not so cheap looking and way better value for money.

20th Apr 2006, 14:37

I agree with the other guy a few lines above and from my own point of view, all Korean cars are just a piece of junk. They are slow, rubbish, unreliable and can barely go over 100mph. I have owned a KIA Sedona 2.9 V6 and I thought that it had a good, powerful engine, but it wasn't good. I then bought a Honda Jazz for my brother and Ford Ka for myself and felt it was so much more powerful than that heap of kia junk.

24th Apr 2006, 13:39

Well I like to comment to the last gentlemen that said they do not go more than 100 mph, I am a guy that likes speed as much as the next guy, i just bought a 2002 megantis and when I tried it out, I had it doing 225 km per/h. That is not too bad for a 2.7LT V6. Besides that the car really ride nice at low and high speeds. You might get a little drift or sway at a high speed, but that is natural if you do not have tires for high speeds, etc. Over all I think it is a really good and affordable car.

29th Jun 2006, 12:17

A Honda Jazz is nowhere in the same segment. A Jazz's 0-60 acceleration time is 12 seconds, a V6 Optima is only eight...

27th Feb 2007, 11:12

I drive a 05 Kia Magentis 2Litre se automatic as a Taxi in Dublin, it does 8 to 10 hour shifts at a time.

I find it a great car to drive, I get a lot of compliments from my clients for the comfort and style of the car. I was a mechanic before I went into the Taxi business so I think I have a fair knowledge about cars. It is a bit heavy on fuel 25mpg in the city 30mpg on a long run. Dealership in Ireland is poor, but getting better. When its time to change I will be buying another Megantis with a Diesel engine.