2007 Kia Optima EX 2.4 I4 from North America


The best car under 25,000 on the road!


At just a few thousand miles timing chain broke. Kia's awesome warranty completely replaced the engine without the slightest problem!

General Comments:

Most comfortable leather I have ever owned, SPECTACULAR Infinity Audio system, Moonroof is great, unbelievable power from a 4 cylinder. Fit and finish is superior, exterior styling is beautiful. My '04 Spectra got me past 625,000 miles, lets see if the Optima does the same.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2008

21st Mar 2009, 23:48

Are you a traveling salesman to put so much mileage on your cars in such short time? Do you know if the broken timing chain is a common problem or a fluke on your particular Optima?

13th Sep 2009, 13:49

I've never heard of the timing chain breaking on the Optima's 4cyl. I've got 45k miles on mine now with no issues. Must have been a fluke.

2007 Kia Optima EX V6 2.7 from North America


Good Value


At around 300 miles, there is a small rattling noise coming from under the passenger side dash when I go over rough road. Sounds like something is loose... but not sure if it is covered under warranty or if the dealer would even care for something that small?

General Comments:

While this may be a premature review, I have had this car for only 1500 miles.

With rebates, it turns out to be a great deal.

I have the almost fully loaded Optima, minus the appearance package. The cloth seats are firm, but not luxuriously comfortable.

The sunroof rattles when open at around 40mph.

Handling is good, and road noise is minimal.

The small V6 provides adequate power for most routine driving, and the 5 speed auto yields decent fuel economy. (22 in nyc. 32 on longer trips)

The premium sound system functions well, but at higher volumes, yet another rattle comes to light.

The dealership, has been the worst part of the car. They seem genuinely un-interested after the sale, and the service department leaves much to be desired. I almost dread going in for the first 7,500 service.

Taillight went out at 600 miles, glass bulb cracked... had to replace out of pocket. (not a big deal, but come on, a new car should be perfect?)

Other than the minor quirks which I hope to get fixed, this is an all around decent car.

Resale will probably be awful however, unless Kia starts to sit better in the minds of the average folk.

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Review Date: 5th May, 2008

30th Jul 2009, 01:12

I have a rattle in the passenger-side of the dash too. But mine rattle sounds to be coming from the top of the dash. I only hear it on potholes and very rough roads, like gravel roads. I can bang my fist on the top of the passenger-side of the dash and hear the rattle. I'm just hoping it doesn't get worse because I can't stand rattles and squeaks! Did you really complain about a burnt out light bulb? I know it was a brand new car and worth mentioning, but you shouldn't hold that against the car. Beside, Kia didn't make the bulb. I had to have a TPMS sensor and sunvisor replaced under warranty at 35k miles. I was disappointed about this so soon, but it's been such a good and enjoyable car otherwise. I foresee myself keeping it a very long time to come.

25th Aug 2009, 07:40

I have the same rattling on the passenger side. I can't tell if it is the dash or maybe the glove box or the door/window. It's getting worse and driving me crazy. I was hoping someone here had some ideas. I have a 2008 Kia Optima 9k miles and otherwise I love it. Maybe the Kia dealers can figure this one out. If you have a solution, please email me at modernhome (at) hotmail (dot) com

Thank you.