2012 Kia Pro Cee'd Vr7 1.6 crdi from UK and Ireland


When running well great. Otherwise too many issues!!


I bought it cheap (£1700) in February, private sale knowing it needed: brakes all round, rear tires and a service, this cane to about £1000.

It then started loosing power in low rpm and going into limp mode intermittently when the engine bay is warmed up, which gets dangerous at junctions etc as it has power failure when you try to pull away. The warmer the weather the worse it is (tolerable below 15c, over 15c it gets worse, over 20c car basically undrivable and mostly in limp mode). Eventually threw an EML. New EGR valve fitted, £300. Problem still there. It has since been to 3 different places including Kia, but the car always miraculously behaves itself and so nobody can figure out what's wrong with it!!

EML started flashing and car jerking/lurching on the motorway; AA attended but the car was fine when they drove it. A code for exhaust pressure sensor fault was stored.

Various clunks and rattles. First time a top mount (£160), second time an anti role bar link (£100), now it's clunking again - suspect other droplink.

Clutch bite point very low, and it makes the occasional vibrating/humming noises on the biting point.

Occasionally it refuses to start, won't even turn over. It's as if it's got a power freeze or something; after taking key out and trying again it usually sparks into life.

Advisories from garage for shock absorbers and some other wee things.

Apparently it has a DPF, which could end up having problems with the car's current running issues.

General Comments:

Generally when it's working properly it's a great wee car. Plenty of power, nice handling, feels solidly built, fab mpg (50mpg) and cheap road tax (£30 a year)

Nice sound system.

Looks good too in vr7 trim, with metallic black paint and alloy wheels.

I'm 6'5" and I fit in it OK. Surprising amount of room in the boot and long enough for my bike (with its front wheel off) with the back seats down.

I would plan to keep it longer if it didn't have all the issues, but I've developed a bit of a love hate relationship with it, so it's getting one final chance to misbehave for the garage and show them it's running issues so they can figure out what the issue is, or I'm thinking of cutting my losses and trading it in... (if I can find a decent alternative in the current market!!)

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Review Date: 1st July, 2023

16th Sep 2023, 08:57


Looks like the running issues are finally sorted!! So thought I'd say here in case anyone looking at the reviews has/experience the same problems (hesitation at low RPM, limp mode, various EGR EML codes).

The car went to Kia, and I managed to speak to the technician that would be working on the car and explained everything that had been surmised re. the car so far: hesitation and low power, EGR codes, the car diagnostic doesn't have the function to "relearn" the EGR valve, and the EGR "live data" is constantly fluctuating. The car mainly acts up when either the engine is hot or the weather is hot, runs much better when cold. Suspect software issues.

The local Kia specialist/dealer (small franchise that only sell Kia, 3 dealerships in whole of Scotland) then spent most of a day with it, initially thought it needed a genuine EGR valve and DPF, but then after someone suggested the software they discovered the ECU had the wrong software. So they updated that with the right software (there was an update available for "hesitation and EGR issues") and did a DPF regen.

It is suspected the car had been subject to a remap at some point in its life the EGR programming had been damaged.

Because of the age of the car they didn't think to check the software earlier in the year when I initially took it to them - usually they're all updated within the first few years of its life. Think they even gave it a clean as a good will gesture!

So far so good, it ran well in Glasgow rush hour traffic the other day in 16c heat.

On another note, I went to another Kia dealer near my work (big franchise) who were adamant the software couldn't be reinstalled as the ECU is fixed from factory... When it turns the older model Kias ecus are all interchangeable and re-programmable, even between models.

16th Sep 2023, 21:04

Thanks for the update, these are good cars when running correctly.

2013 Kia Pro Cee'd 1.6 CRDI turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Spectacular hidden gem of a car


Electric window switch. Sorted by the dealership as still under warranty. That's it.

General Comments:

Love it. I test drove everything in the segment and found nothing that I liked (hugely disappointed with the new Focus, especially when I loved my Mk2 so much). I hadn't even considered Kia, but I always liked how the Pro Cee'd looked. When I drove it I wanted it straight away.

It's an astonishing car. It handles brilliantly. It's no Mk2 Focus, but nothing is. The traction control can be turned down but not off, which is annoying in theory if you want to drive enthusiastically, but it's very unobtrusive and only really eliminates wheelspin when it's turned down. The diesel engine has the uncanny ability of not feeling like a diesel. Very much sounds like one though. Power is always there, bar slight lag at very low revs.

It's weirdly spacious considering its "coupe" body style and chopped roof. I'm 6'2", and my friend (who's 6'3") can sit behind me. Rear passengers can't see much with the small (and tinted) back windows and lower back seat, but the latter contributes to good rear headroom. The boot is big for a car this size too, even if the opening is a little small and high.

Interior quality if good too. Lovely soft touch plastics and nice damping on the switchgear.

I cover 60,000km a year, so I need a reliable car. I'm amazed by this thing.

Finally, the car looks stunning, especially in black and in white. The standard 17" rims set it all off nicely too. It gets admiring looks all the time. And I get questioned on it regularly.

Overall I couldn't recommend this car enough. I implore you to try one if you are considering a Golf, Focus, Astra or even a Scirocco. It'll tempt you.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2017

17th Jul 2019, 22:47


260,0000 km on the clock now. Still faultless. Still love it.

6th Sep 2022, 18:18

They are underrated cars.