2013 Kia Pro Cee'd 1.6 CRDI turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Spectacular hidden gem of a car


Electric window switch. Sorted by the dealership as still under warranty. That's it.

General Comments:

Love it. I test drove everything in the segment and found nothing that I liked (hugely disappointed with the new Focus, especially when I loved my Mk2 so much). I hadn't even considered Kia, but I always liked how the Pro Cee'd looked. When I drove it I wanted it straight away.

It's an astonishing car. It handles brilliantly. It's no Mk2 Focus, but nothing is. The traction control can be turned down but not off, which is annoying in theory if you want to drive enthusiastically, but it's very unobtrusive and only really eliminates wheelspin when it's turned down. The diesel engine has the uncanny ability of not feeling like a diesel. Very much sounds like one though. Power is always there, bar slight lag at very low revs.

It's weirdly spacious considering its "coupe" body style and chopped roof. I'm 6'2", and my friend (who's 6'3") can sit behind me. Rear passengers can't see much with the small (and tinted) back windows and lower back seat, but the latter contributes to good rear headroom. The boot is big for a car this size too, even if the opening is a little small and high.

Interior quality if good too. Lovely soft touch plastics and nice damping on the switchgear.

I cover 60,000km a year, so I need a reliable car. I'm amazed by this thing.

Finally, the car looks stunning, especially in black and in white. The standard 17" rims set it all off nicely too. It gets admiring looks all the time. And I get questioned on it regularly.

Overall I couldn't recommend this car enough. I implore you to try one if you are considering a Golf, Focus, Astra or even a Scirocco. It'll tempt you.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2017

17th Jul 2019, 22:47


260,0000 km on the clock now. Still faultless. Still love it.