2000 Kia Rio NA Standard from North America


Good, solid economy car for commuting or student use


The low fuel warning light came on at 30K miles. Still on, just ignore it. Ham-handed mechanic stripped oil pan plug and had to heli-coil it. His mistake, my cost.

General Comments:

Good, econo-car. Bought it for my daughter who went away to college for four years. No real problems, very reliable. She picked-out this car and I bought it for her.

After reading all the problems other owners have had I must only guess that they represent a minority of owners. It seems unlikely that this one was one of a few good ones in a sea of lemons.

The comment about high-speed handling is well taken. I recently drove it home for her after her graduation. Approximately 400 miles, at speed (normal traffic flow is sometimes over 85 mph, the car feels like it wants to over steer in turns. One needs to keep that in mind and if one takes a turn too quickly, when the car starts to over steer, simply back-off the turn and it balances out nicely. Not a problem if one drives more cautiously.

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Review Date: 16th May, 2006

2000 Kia Rio from North America


A very bad decision


The brain has been replaced twice. The tires (replaced 2 times), brakes, alignment all have been replaced. The check engine light is repeatedly coming on. All motor mounts have been replaced. Air conditioning compressor has been replaced. The air bag light comes on and the clock spring in it has been replaced two times also. The car shakes and rattles. Service has been routinely performed on this car and it still has problems.

General Comments:

I would not buy or even take another KIA if one was offered to me for free.

The cars are a terrible investment.

They are not worth anything once they are driven off of the lot.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2003

2000 Kia Rio LS 1.5 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Great value for money


The tires wore unevenly, but this was caused by an accident and has since been repaired.

Has developed some minor rattles.

CD player has trouble reading some disks.

General Comments:

Its performance is adequate for a cheap, small car and fuel economy has been amazing - better than the manufacturer claims (I have managed 5.7L per 100km on the highway and 6.9L per 100km city)!

Handling is spongy and does not inspire enthusiastic driving. Standard tires do not deliver very good grip.

Interior space is cavernous for a small car.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2003

19th Dec 2003, 02:41

Just clicked over 120,000km in my Rio and have had no problems at all. Servicing is cheap and I have also been getting great economy.

2000 Kia Rio LX 1.5 twin cam from Australia and New Zealand


Joy to own


Back windscreen seal became loose.

When bee-sting ariel is closest to roof the reception of the radio is affected, can get annoying! Just play a CD.

Air-con stinks sometimes.

General Comments:

It seems a lot of you North Americans are having problems with your Rio's. Over here in Australia we are having less problems.

I have a 5 door hatch with the 1.5 Mi-tech engine. Came with lots of fruit like central locking, CD player etc.

Good easy to use dash.

I wouldn't willingly rev it over 4000, it can get quite noisy!

Copes with Australian heat well.

Good Point A to Point B transport.

Handles well in dry, bit nervous in the wet.

Has good re-sale value.

I got a good trade in on my old beast from the dealer.

Overall a joy to own, hasn't been a major problem yet.

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Review Date: 9th March, 2003

7th Jul 2004, 08:42

I have a Rio and agree that it has been a great little car, but I think you will find that resale value is extremely poor. Kia, along with other cheap Korean cars do not hold their value well at all. I also question your assertion that it handles well. While it is comfortable and competent in normal driving, it lurches and rolls like a drunken sailor when pushed hard.