2014 Kia Rio LX 1.6 from North America


A lot of car for a fairly small price



General Comments:

I traded in my 2003 Ford Ranger XL for the Kia Rio LX 5 door. I have only had it for a few weeks, so I cannot tell you about long term durability, but so far I am pleased. The LX is the base model, and it offers a lot of car for the money.

For such a small car, the Rio feels solid and well put together... a welcome change from Kia models of a decade ago. The 6 speed automatic is well matched to the engine, shifts smoothly, and gives adequate performance. Nothing sporty here, but it definitely has enough power to keep up with traffic. Handling is nimble, although the electric power steering doesn't give much feedback. It will corner beautifully, but the steering feels a bit numb. Parking is a cinch with the small dimensions.

Ride and noise are okay. The suspension is a little stiff, but it still protects you from the worst of the bumps. Noise is fairly quiet, except on coarse pavement. The engine is unobtrusive unless you're downshifting, and wind noise is very muted.

The front seats are comfortable and room in the front is quite good. It doesn't feel like a subcompact in the front seats. The driver's seat has 6 way (manual) adjustments and works well. The steering wheel on the LX tilts (but doesn't telescope) so it's fairly easy to find a comfy driving position.

The rear seats aren't bad. There is enough leg and head room for adults, granted they aren't over 6' tall. It supposedly seats 3 back there, but I wouldn't count on it, unless they're small children. The seat is just too narrow. However, for 2 adults, the accommodation is fairly good.

Controls are handy, easy to use, and quite attractive. Heating and air conditioning both work well, and the steering wheel mounted controls for the stereo system are quite handy. Happily, the base LX also offers satellite radio, and iPod integration, so the tunes can play without any hitches.

Overall, I am very pleased with my Rio. It represented good value. If it holds up for the long haul, I will be delighted. If not, I will be back to post the problems.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2014