2017 Kia Rio LX 1.6 from North America


Outstanding fuel economy, good looking, comfortable, spacious


Still new. Nothing so far

General Comments:

2017 Kia Rio LX hatchback, automatic, silver.

***Outstanding fuel economy***

Went on 1756 km trip. Alberta Rockies (Banff, Canmore), Northern Montana (Going-to-the-Sun Rd.), Southern and Central Alberta (Calgary Edmonton).

80% flat highway driving, 10% light hills, 5% long hills and 5% steep mountain driving.

In the mountains I took over with manual shifting. 6 gears of choice helps noticeably. The automatic transmission often is not choosing the appropriate gear in the mountains. So manual shifting(+ -) is highly recommended. I am MPG freak. 95 km/h cruise control was used on flat stretches.

Total fuel for above 1756 km trip used 78 liters.

Trip computer was showing average 4.5 liters/100km, 52 MPG. Flat + steep mountain driving. Diesel engine fuel economy. AMAZING!

The car is fairly spacious for a small economy car. Had 2 mountain bikes in the back with front wheels removed.

Very quiet. On a somewhat rough road was a bit noisy, from the wheels. Well, it's not an old land yacht.

So far so good (knock on wood). Will see how it will go through the harsh Alberta winter.


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Review Date: 31st May, 2018