14th May 2001, 07:02

Whoever wrote that they got 750 miles, I would like to meet them. I have a hard time getting over 400km's to a tank!!!

The only thing that I can say about my Kia Rio is it looks good and it has a fairly good ride. As for performance, well it does not have good take off power.

It smells sometimes like rotten eggs.

Gas mileage went from just over 500km's per tank down to 350 to 400km's per tank in the first month.

So all in all I do not recommend anyone to buy one. Save your money for a good Canadian or American built car. They are just a little more money, but you will save that in gas!!!


Ontario, Canada.

14th May 2001, 07:25

Kia has no regards for anyone, after they have your money or your signature they go on to the next sucker. They do not want to keep anyone happy, they just want to get your money!

I have a Kia Rio that I bought in March. In the first month I had the car into the shop 3 times. Now the gas mileage sucks.

If I could I would give my lemon back to them and go get myself a good Canadian or American built car. They might cost a little more but they are well made cars. If you have problems with them they take care of you! Not like Kia, they have no concern for you.

Also the signs in the window of the cars for gas mileage are false advertisement. They do not test new cars, they test cars that have at least 6000km's on them!! That is not a new car. I do have paper work stating that. I asked the guy at Kia and he agreed with me that it is false advertisement.


Ontario, Canada.

Please save your money and get a good Canadian or American car.

10th Jun 2001, 10:31

Do or did any of you really have a Rio?

American & "A" cars only have 3 year/36,000 mile warranties, Kia give 10 yeasr/100,000 miles... you are the customer, it breaks, they fix it for the next 10 years, you might be in the shop more often, but after 4 years it's paid for, you still have 6 more years to go...

I don't have a Rio but I am thinking about it. This web site did not help at all, just did not give solid information.

Thank you.

30th Jul 2001, 15:05

I have bought my Rio on April 2 and it has turned out that it needs only 6.1 L per 100 km on average.

So long,


14th Jan 2002, 10:44

My Rio has been absolutely perfect and other owners I know share the same view. I really wonder about some of the supposedly owners claiming all these problems. Are you for real???

5th Feb 2002, 03:18

10 year warranty? You lucky people in the US!!!

The Kia has a 3 year warranty here in the UK (which is still a lot better than the 1-year warranties given out by crappy Ford and GM). If any car cost as little as the Kia does with a 10-year warranty I'd have no hesitation in buying it. I mean, 10 years is the lifetime of the car, surely?

2nd Mar 2002, 22:13

Maybe you people should read into the guidelines of that "10,000 mile warranty". Most of the repairs, you actually end up paying for, the dealerships just try to con you into thinking that you're only paying for a small portion. WRONG. A friend of mine has a Kia Sportage and when she had transmission work done to it (its almost brand new) it cost her $600. Also, the warranty is voided if you have the oil changed at a dealership. The closest dealership to us is in another state, about 60 miles away.

19th Aug 2002, 11:54

I Bought a KIA Rio in February and have had problems with it right from the second month. First the windshield had a leak which KIA fixed quickly, but when it was returned to me the windshield had a scratch which according to them they did not do. Fine, I took that blow, although I had thoroughly examined the windshield before taking it in, it was not there. Second the metal plastic part on the spoiler is dulling quickly and getting spots on it, the dealership told me I must be using something on it when I clean the car. I've been checking out other KIA's in parking lots and such and they all have it. My clock blinks when I put my turn signal on and when traveling down the highway with high winds it makes a loud hollow pop-bottle sound which is unbearable to listen to. They have taken a couple of months to get back to me which I find unacceptable for a new car. These are just some of the problems I've had so far.

Unhappy Canadian KIA Customer


27th Sep 2002, 18:38

My KIA Rio 2001 is what it is, a bottom of the line car. That being said, the service in Honolulu, Hawaii has been just the opposite of competent. They never checked my car before I purchased it; a hole in the left rear red area was noticed one day later and the sales people all, but said I was lying. The car will stop cold when on the freeway, when under a light, and on occasion it won't start up at all for a few minutes. The service is horrible. The 10 year bumper to bumper warranty is meaningless as very little is covered! I am anxiously looking forward to getting out of the KIA family.

Susan VanHorn.

23rd Oct 2002, 01:47

We have a 2002 Rio RXV and have just under 80,000 kms. We have had no problems at all with it. We consistently get around 500km per tank. We are very impressed, especially since we paid so little.

5th May 2003, 09:16


I am looking at the new Kia Magentis and am interested in comments regarding these cars.

Regarding the reported rotten egg smell some people have reported, this sounds much like a caalytic converter problem. When plugged up or burned out they tend to give off a bad smell.

20th Sep 2004, 08:37

2001 Kia Rio, Where do I start. It has been in the shop 9 times for the air bag light which was only resolved when I made them put a new harness in it. The connectors are cheap loosen up and start the light coming on.

Then there was the cam cover leaking which fouled the plugs and wires.

The vapor canister sensor which caused the air bag light to come on.

The latest nightmare on my street is an intermittent problem that the dealer has not clue. On cool mornings it will set a 303 code for misfire on #3 cylinder. If you cycle the key it will go away until the next morning or the engine gets very cool again. I do not know where to turn and neither does the dealer. I thought this would be cheap reliable transportation however the only part I got correct was the cheap. What should I have expected for my 7500 dollars and a car made in Korea??