21st Mar 2006, 19:40

All you college students would be better off looking for a used Geo Metro or Suzuki Swift (they're the same car with different logos). I drove one all over the North American Continent in college and the US Army. No major problems. Most other people have given similarly good reviews on Geo Metros. See Mine under "Ultimate Economic Value" 1994 Geo Metro XFI. Tell your college friends before they buy a car to check out this website.

31st Mar 2006, 14:39

What a bizarre comment!

I could ask why America lets its own auto industry turn out such crap without ensuring quality standards.

It's called free enterprise and with most Korean and all American manufacturers it's buyer beware.

1st Apr 2006, 11:30

It sounds overly optimistic that all metal going into a car represents 90% recycled material. Even if that were the case, which I doubt, the metal is only the beginning. There is the plastic and fabric, made from petroleum or chemicals that require petroleum and other metals in the manufacturing process. And besides the cars, don't forget about the millions of computers, radios, TV's, microwaves, etc. that are simply thrown away or left to sit in a corner. Although some countries do require these machines to be broken back down into component parts, that is the novelty more than the rule. It is still a throw-away society. This comment line is only off track in a small way, but it is directly applicable to the wastefulness of a poorly made car, or an owner that doesn't maintain it so it wears out prematurely and needs to be replaced before offering an adequate service life.

1st Apr 2006, 15:24

If you are looking for an economy car at least look at a real car. The Scion xA (Toyota brand), The Honda Fit, or the Scion xB are all great economy cars that are not complete crap like Kia, GM, or Ford economy cars.

8th Apr 2006, 04:55

I've had similar problems...

I bought my car with 58,000 miles on it and it ran very well for a while. I haven't had a problem with it and I've been driving all over the country with it. However, at 90,000 miles I had a clinking noise in the transmission and had to replace it. Upon closer inspection, I found that several of the gears in the transmission and ground down and chipped. This is by far the worst case of junk metal I've ever seen in a transmission.

Even worse, I've found out they use the same model transmission in all of the Rios, no matter what year, as well as several other models. Beware!

Oh, and I cracked a rim too... weirdest thing I've ever seen!!

10th Apr 2006, 17:09

I bought a 2001 Kia Rio and up until 60k miles I was very pleased with the car. Then it hit 60k and all kinds of stuff happened. The heating core went out twice, I had several electrical problems, back wheels went out. However, I'm thinking that it's the DEALERS that are the real culprit because don't make the parts widely available so it's an inexpensive car, but the dealers make the money back by charging rip off prices for repairs (because you have to get the parts from them). The Ford/Kia dealer in San Francisco and the Kia dealer in Fairfield SUCKS. That being said, I have re-kindled my affection for my little car because 1) it is almost paid off and it is getting me around okay since my other car Chevy Cavalier is in the shop. Would I buy another Kia? Probably not. But if the price were right and I have a closer job, I just might.