28th Sep 2004, 00:42

My wife has a 2000 Deawoo, lanos. It's cheap, but it rides really nice. Good gas mileage. The Deawoos have had trouble with the cam sensor, so the check engine light is on sometimes, but other than that she likes it.

10th Oct 2004, 08:33

I consider myself a fairly mechanically inclined person, and swear by Toyota, I tend to buy high mileage vehicles and drive them until they are unbelievably high mileage vehicles and Toyota seem to fare best in the unkillable department. If a new car is what you require, for a few extra bucks-I would certainly go with a Toyota Echo, I have read many comments on this website about the Echo and 99% of the reviews are favorable. My Toyota has almost 300,000 km on it and I doubt there is a Kia made or will ever be made that could even dream about 300,000!

13th Oct 2004, 08:12

Kia actually did a million-mile test with the Sephia a few years back. And it made it. So, I guess you could say a Kia went 1,600,000 kms. Of course they were all logged near-simultaneously, but I'm sure it wowed some village idiots.

18th Feb 2005, 22:37

Hey, before visiting a Ford dealer, read the reviews on here for the contour. Not good.

19th May 2005, 21:39

I bought my 2004 Kia RXV in May, 2004.I had the engine light problem just after I bought it, turned out to be the air breather cover, it wasn't getting enough air. Shortly after that, the O2 sensor went bad, then the mud flap broke, then the tires went out of balance. The warranty did cover it. I do agree with you about the service. The dealership I go to is really bad, everything that goes wrong with the cosmetics, it's my fault and I get charged. But all in all, it is a nice car and I plan on keeping it after the 5 year term. A word of advice, don't buy a Ford, they are junk, worse than the Kia!

1st Apr 2006, 06:19

I have a KIA RIO company car here in Australia.

Mines has been great. I have done 125,000 Kilometres (I think that's about 75,000 miles). It's done a lot of hard miles on dirt and country roads. I don't give a lot off the mark, but it's not uncommon that it will be cruising at 140 KPH (about 84MPH).

It hasn't missed a beat. Quiet, don't have an ice problem out here, too bloody hot. The car runs at a good temperature and the air conditioning is really nice and cold.

It will be time to change it in June this year, and I assume they will get new KIA's. Good value for the money. I guess your mum got a lemon, feel sorry for her and hope she does better next time.

Of course the Toyotas are better, but they are an extra $6000 over here, so they should be better.

21st Apr 2006, 03:39

My wife and I purchased a 2003 Rio rxv off the lot in 03. For the first year it was pretty good and only had the usual problems a new car might have. In the last year the engine light has come on repetitively... the O2 sensors have been replaced with in the last few months and now one of them is gone again. The Mass Air Flow meter has been replaced, the computer has been re-flashed. It shakes like it dropped two cylinders at idle at times, jerks and looses power during cruise conditions. The brakes have done several times now including the booster when the brakes wouldn't work first thing in the morning. My advice to solve the instant grab is to tell them to install after market pads and shoes, it will solve the problem trust me, been there done that. Paint quality sucks. I had to get the clutch bushings done as well.

My impressions of the car... it spends more time at the dealer than a Italian exotic, this car is not going to be in my driveway when the warranty runs out. Over my dead body will I ever buy another Kia.

15th Oct 2006, 18:17

I began my leasing of a RIO RXV in 2003, I was so happy by its elgant sleek appearance, especially the body design around the front windshield going up around the side window area, its uniqueness still is the sole reason for having this vehicle. I put in a sun/moon roof only to find out it cannot go in the front, so now I got it in the rear/middle zone. the main problem with this car is its instability, no support on corners, poor brakes, sloppy clutch and pedal location is made for small people I think, service is exceptional considering thell only do what you say to do everything is fine till then, most inconvenient is the windshield defog, stabilizer links bushings, fuse for power windows, and the stereo does not play cds very well in cool to cold temperatures. altogether its safe to say that you get what you pay for, I knew this was no renowned sports car so my mistake is being a poor sucker who can't afford a real car, at least I try to make it look good.

19th Oct 2006, 02:40

I have had my Kia Rio LX since new in 2004. For the 1st 2yrs I had no problems apart from the 2 recalls. Unfortunately since March of this year I have spent a staggering amount of hours in my local dealership (so much that I know all the mechanics by their first names). It started with the central locking system which required a new sensor, this took weeks to arrive. in the meantime I was left with a car that either didn't lock or locked me in and for a week I had to get in/out via the passenger door!. Eventually the problem was solved, but within a couple of weeks the engine check light came on. I have since spent at least 1hr a week at the dealers since August. I've had a new O2 sensor, 4 new spark plugs and still the problem continues. During this time I have only been provided with a courtesy car once, and have had to go on holiday (driving) whilst awaiting the delivery of the new part. The mechanics have been amazing and by now I'm sure are sick of the sight of me, but the dealers solution to the problem has been to try to sell me another car (no thanks).

15th Nov 2006, 20:09

It's been over 2 years since I wrote the first comment on this page and until tomorrow I still have that horrible RIO.

Not a thing has been right with it. I still have clutch problems, the seat base broke and I waited 6 months to finally get them to fix it right and, but it back in.

2 weeks ago I went to the dealership I bought it from and blew my top. I took in a big florescent sign that read, "My first and last KIA is a lemon courtesy of XXXXX!" I ranted, raved and yelled about my car. Buyers were walking out, people waiting in service followed me asking questions, others were applauding. I then put my sign in my back window and drove around for a few days.

The dealership's owner got involved and we have worked things out. I don't have to pay my buyout, over $3000 and tomorrow I am getting a brand new Sportage. The dealership has bent over backwards to finally meet my needs and promises to continue to do so.

So if you are not happy about your car, not getting good service, really have a lemon on your hands, get yourself a sign, make yourself heard, write KIA at consumer@kia.ca, use Internet sites like this one or your local papers or news hounds. Companies don't like negative press. And always ask to speak to the top. I clearly told them that I was prepared to drive this car till the final day of my lease with that sign in place! Good luck.