14th Jul 2007, 09:44

I have an 02 Rio that I can't wait to get rid of! It is just over 50,000 miles and acts like it has 200,000! I bought it used at 11,000. Because I am the second owner, it has no warranty.

The whistle is ridiculous!

I have replaced the brakes twice, rotors and all. The wheel barings twice and the rear wheel spindle. There was also an air temp. sensor that I have recently replaced. I have done all the maintenance on it, oil changes, 30,000 mile routine...

Now it acts like its running out of gas on 1/2 a tank. There is a loud ticking noise also and I have oil. I went to NAPA to get a fuel filter and on the way home the check engine light came on! I want to trade it in, but I'm sure I'll only get 50 bucks for the stupid thing!

I feel sorry for the other people out there who also purchased a KIA. And for the others who are thinking about buying one, DON'T!!!

24th Jul 2007, 18:48

Both rear wheel bearings failed at the same time. My KIA dealership is refusing to honor their warranty. I have 85,000kms and it's 4yrs old. Still well within the warranty period.

They claim that someone did shoddy work when they worked on the brakes and thus didn't pack the bearings properly when they finished. The work done was over 1yr ago. I was informed by other mechanics that if the bearings weren't packed properly they would have failed within 1 week or so.

They have implied that I am a liar because they insist that someone has worked on the brakes/bearings more recently even though I have repeatedly told them otherwise. All for the sake of a few hundred dollars!

24th Jun 2009, 23:48

This car is a total piece

I've had it for 2 year and it has about 90,000 on it and has already had all 4 wheels replaced (some more than once)

- AC won't work

- Gas gauge is broken

- Doors squeak no matter how much WD40 you put on them

- Mufflers is rotting out

- Terrible acceleration

- Had get new brakes

- Absolutely no luxury (everything is manual)

One good thing about it is the room in the back (I can fit my lawn mower in it)