2009 Kia Sedona from North America


I don't like this car


My accelerator pedal lost power on Interstate 95 in the passing lane.

General Comments:

KIA roadside assistance was horrific to deal with, while stranded 1000 miles from home on a dangerous interstate with my family of 6 in the van.

The car hesitates and is very unresponsive.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 2nd December, 2009

20th Sep 2010, 21:12

Funny, I thought engines had power, not accelerator pedals! Anyway, we had the same issue ONCE. The 800 number Kia has was utterly useless. The guy on the other end didn't give a rat's a$$ that I had 3 small children in a vehicle on the side of the interstate... and no power to move the car.

13th Feb 2011, 13:16

I second your 'Kia 800 didn't give a rat's a$$...'

The van went into 'Limp Mode' for no reason. We had 21,000 miles on it. Middle of nowhere on the interstate, and this guy @ the 800 line tells me 'find a garage.' But I would say that ours accelerates quite well. There are some youtube vids on Sedona's acceleration/top speed I'd found too. Not too bad. But for a car to just have its engine light pop on while going 60 mph for no reason, WTF?