17th Aug 2007, 09:19

Sedona 2006 XL

I purchased my Sedona, in September 2006,at our local Kia Dealership, Took it to Florida in March 2007 for a Month, came back and since then started to have problems. Crackling noice when I turned the steering,left or right, then I had a very bad odour in the car, that seem to come from the air system. Took it to the dealer, they changed the Link Ass. and put some type of Liquid in the air system.Pick-up the car and found that nothing had changed. Took it back, they said they would change the (2) top plates, and take the dash apart.Pick-up the car later, and found nothing changed again. Took it to a new dealer, they say they will change the rods in front. waiting for parts. Kind of discouraging, because I only have 11,000 miles on it. You get the impression that these guys don`t know what they are doing. It is my first Kia, and probably my last.

10th Feb 2008, 09:13

I purchased my 2005 Sedona because the 1997 Ford Ranger I had with only 72K on it was about to die on me. I now have 69K on my beloved Sedona and have not had any problems with her.

The things that went under warranty were; wiper motor, all blade arms, and the drivers side mirror.

I upgraded the front rotors to cross drilled and slotted for better braking power.

We have taken her to Florida several times, and even with hauling a trailer, I managed to get 23MPG on her.

She is very reliable and comfortable.

All of my friends and even my mechanic cannot believe the get up and go this van has. My roommate could not believe that his Audi A6 2.6 was slower than my Sedona. He traded and got the Audi A4 3.0 to make up LOL.

I strongly recommend this Mini Van to anyone on a budget. I plan on keeping mine for many years to come. I only use mobil 1 on all my cars which I know helps in mechanical wear.

OH one more thing. The dealership I deal with are VERY customer oriented and always takes care of the major mileage maintenance.

The only thing I do not like about this van is the frequent 60K timing belt change. Other than that, I LOVE MY SEDONA.

24th Oct 2008, 02:32

Kia dealerships seem to be unique in that the majority of them actually try to fix a problem. At least, that's what I get from the reviews on this site. And this owner's experience isn't quite as bad as 02-04 owners that watched their Sedonas start on fire, or blow through transmissions like popcorn at a matinée.

26th Oct 2008, 05:35

Hi I have KIA SEDONA XL 2005. On turning on the drive, the screen shows the engine alarm and it's using a lot of fuel. So I want to know how can I fix it and where is the problem?


19th Nov 2008, 14:20

Central California 2005 KIA Sedona Owner:

I would never buy another Kia, price was right, construction was wrong from Day 1.

I have suffered more in the last 3 years with my wife complaining daily about her car than I have in a lifetime.

She went from an Avalon to a Kia (to haul the grandkids).

62,000 miles later-it is a rattling travel trap of inconvenience! Can't get rid of it- absolutely no trade in value and no one wants it.

I seriously leave the keys in it every night, but no one will take it! I will take it to the auto yard when it dies-hopefully soon and dance with joy as they crush it!

17th Jan 2009, 12:00

I have a Kia, bought it brand new in 2003 and had no problems at all. It is a bit heavy on the gas but it is automatic and a large car. I would consider buying another one, but will keep this until it's on its last legs or wheels.

13th Sep 2009, 01:54

I am currently leasing a 2005 Sedona. I previously had a 2002 Sedona, which I had relatively little problems with. Which is the reason why I was stupid enough to get another one in '05.

My biggest complaint isn't so much with the product, but rather the customer service end of the company. The van only has 85,000 kms on it. I was blowing headlights left right and center, (about every three months). I contacted the 1800 number for customer service to see if this was a recallable problem (I don't have a local Kia dealer in town, closest is 4 hours away). The lady I spoke with said there was a problem with some vehicles doing this. So I think great, I am covered under warranty. I ask her if she could arrange to have the wiring harnesses sent out to me and I would have a local garage put them in for me. She proceeds to tell me that I'm not covered under warranty, and that it ran out at 60,000 km. I phone the dealership where I bought it and tell them I have service receipts at 10,000 km for headlight replacement. They tell me the same thing, and then proceed to tell me it will be $200 for parts and labour.

6 months later I am in a different dealership, ordering some parts, ranting to the service guy about how peeved I am at Kia because they won't honor their warranty, and the whole headlight story, the guy looks me square in the face and says that this is indeed covered under warranty. Long story short is they put the wiring harness on in less than 5 minutes under warranty. The guy said these wiring harnesses cost $35 and it only took the tech less than 5 minutes to install.

Oh yeah, one more thing, if you like changing your transmission fluid every 32,000 km, then you'll love the Sedona. Trust me, I know, I learned the hard way by not changing it and just got a new tranny, which Kia covered under warranty, but they claim it was because I didn't ever change the fluid. And I've only got 88,000 km on it. If you ask me, that right there is the tell tale sign of what a great kind of car they make. Even they service guy at Hyundai couldn't believe this. Just do yourself a favour and stay clear of Kia, they really do live up to their slogan "The power to surprise".

21st Dec 2010, 18:49

I have a 2005 Kia with 140K on it. I am a traveling sales repo - ironically for a trans part company - the van is great, but does have some quirks. I serviced the trans. frequently, but it had a major blow this week. Now I am having problems getting parts - and I work for a trans part importer. I am going to fix it, because my family members drive like maniacs, and I want them to be safe but not drive an expensive car. Remember to drain and fill every 30K (I did but you may have more luck), and remember to replace the timing belt, or it is all for nothing. Not a bad vehicle, but not crazed about the local dealer - they seemed a little slimy.

18th Feb 2011, 10:20

I recently had my vehicle vandalized and I accidentally left the key in the van. The person who broke my window just took the key not the van. How can anyone solve this situation? There's no Kia dealership here in NB only in Stoon. I don't know. How am I able to bring it there? Any suggestions? :)