31st Jul 2004, 22:46

We love our 2002 Sedona. However the windshield is a common problem. Look around and you will see most Sedona's with cracked windshields. I am now getting ready to go on my 4th windshield. The only other problem we have had is with the van is the brakes. They shake pretty bad and only last a short time without shaking after a break job. I would still buy another one due to the comfort and power of the vehicle.

11th Aug 2004, 12:39

We have owned 02 Sedona since September 01. We are experiencing the same problems posted on this web site. There has been much more frequency of the vehicle not starting. I’m beginning to suspect the alternator rather than the battery. We have the cracked windshield also. Its unfortunate. It is not driven every day, as I had hoped to keep it in excellent condition by driving my truck every day and only driving the van on trips, Sundays, etc. That isn’t working…I still have the same problems everyone else is experiencing.

9th Sep 2005, 21:16

Unfortunately I am a member of the Sedona Lemon Club. I bought a 2002 brand new and 1 week after driving it off the lot I had a cracked windshield. I was told that that particular shipment of windshields was defective so they replaced it at no charge after a 6 week wait. Lo and behold..1 week after it was installed the new one cracked again. Guess that was from the same shipment. I'm on my third cracked windshield and I'm following every Sedona driver I see that has a cracked windshield to let them know that they're not alone. Other problems.. Replaced driving lights too many times in 3 yrs to mention (and they're $23+ Cdn a shot) ; full front brake job done after 1 yr; battery replaced after 1 yr; just replaced alternator and belt; rust on tail gate and poorly painted bumper guards (seems like the gold paint falls off if you look at it too long. In my travels I've found these problems and some more with other Sedonas, like the silver film on the inside door handles peeling off and passenger side visor mirrors that just seem to break. The dealership had the nerve to call me to buy a new vehicle from them since they seem to have a "shortage of Sedona's for resale". I would never ever buy another vehicle from Kia or Hyundai as long as I live.

29th Jun 2016, 16:39

Bought a Kia Sedona LX on June 13, 2016. On June 24 there is a crack on the inside of the windshield. Starting from the rear view mirror and down to the bottom of the windshield. The next day the crack extends across the lower half of windshield on the passenger side.

Went to the dealership on Monday, June 27. Dealership says something hit the windshield (the vehicle was parked in the driveway). There is no 'mark' on outside of the windshield. Dealership says the windshield is not covered. They say in the state of Florida auto insurance covers windshield (this is true). Seems unfair for insurance to have the burden of covering the replacement. Seems this should be Kia's responsibility. I have owned cars for 67 years. Never had a cracked windshield.