19th Sep 2005, 08:43

You've never owned one, but you know someone who does, Hm! And yes, you do see a lot more used Hondas, Toyotas, Fords, Chevys, Nissans, Chryslers etc for sale.

The fact of the matter is simple. "People have resigned themselves to paying them off (Sedonas) as much as they can because they have worthless trade in values." Simply, this means that owners hang onto then longer, while making payments, so that balance owing eventually parallels the vehicles current value. The downside to this, is owning a less than stellar vehicle and exorbitant repair expenses.

Here is just one example of an exorbitant repair expense. At 102K (62,000 miles), just out of warranty, the alternator in my 2002 Sedona failed. There are very few after-market parts available for Kias here in Canada and Kia Knows it. No one other than the dealer could supply the part. The repair bill came to over $1,100. It's been a couple of months now and I still can't stand up straight. Oh' by the way, Kia doesn't offer a ten year/100,000 mile warranty in Canada like they do in the states. I wonder why?

I took the opportunity of talking to a Honda dealer in town, I was interested in a new Odyssey. The salesman said I'd be much better off I've I didn't trade the Sedona and sold it privately.

You get what you pay for. The Sedona is the best sucker buy of the decade. In this case it's better to pay more and buy a better vehicle.

8th Nov 2006, 10:15

Hey, I have a 2002 Sedona with over 115,000 miles and still an excellent van. I love this mini van because it runs so good, strong, and smooth. So far I haven’t done much to it except change brakes, oil, and timing belt on it. Man, I just can’t complaint about Kia. No matter what yall say and think about Kia, I believe Sedona is an excellent van for the money, I experienced it, and proven to myself that Kia is better than GM, Ford, and Chrysler. That’s all I have to say…

19th Dec 2006, 18:10

A Kia Sedona better than a Ford, Gm or Chrysler? Well maybe a Ford, but I doubt that anyone else who's owned a Sedona will concur with your comment.

I owned a 2002 Sedona and my ownership experience was horrible. I purchased it new and put 70,000 miles on it in four years. This vehicle's second home was the dealers shop. All the personnel knew me on a first name basis.

The dealership was as bad as the vehicle. It took forever to get parts and you could always expect a two or three day wait for most warranty or other repairs. The dealers service people were less than honorable with new faces showing up every other month.

When you've owned your Sedona for more than a couple of months get back to us, maybe you'll have a different point of view. I just sold mine thank god! I traded it in on a Pontiac Montana SV6, a GM made vehicle.

10th Apr 2007, 04:42

We have a 2002 Kia Sedona. Had the alternator replaced at a car electric shop cost approx $550.00. Guy told me it would smell antifreeze briefly because he had to loosen water line. I checked with Firestone here and they will do all the belts and the 60000 mile replacement here for about half what the dealer wants. Not done it yet - now at 85000 miles. And do not lose your keys - cost $7 - 7.50 at dealer - only available there! Believe Sedona more noisy then Ford - and not as roomy either. Oh well - Good luck to all.

10th Apr 2007, 11:13

Consider yourself lucky. If you lose the keys to an Audi A4, for example, it will cost you $340 and you can only get them from the dealer due to the security and technology issues involved.

16th Apr 2007, 12:53

As the original author of the review, I wanted to respond to the first comment posted: (16th Sep 2005 11:15)

"Get back to us in about six months and tell us of your adventures with your Sedona as well as Kia its dealer network."

Well, we have had many adventures, taking our van on several road trips. Since I wrote the review, I have had the alternator replaced (under warranty) with no problems from the dealer. The only other repair expenses have all been maintenance related.

"Ask a Kia dealer how much the 96k (60,000 mile) maintenance will cost you, if you make it that far."

Fortunately, maintenance services performed elsewhere are a lot cheaper and as long as performed by licenced professionals, will not void the warranty. I have always avoided taking vehicles to the dealership for maintenance.

"The reason you don't see many used Sedonas for sale is that most people have resigned themselves to paying them off as much as they can simply because Sedonas have worthless trade in values."

Other than the Honda Odyssey and to a lesser extent the Toyota Sienna, minivans are all subject to terrible depreciation. Ours hasn't been for sale on the market because it has been serving us well and we're happy with our van.

26th May 2007, 18:15

I have to say that we also love our 2003 Kia Sedona. We bought it new in 04/03 and have only had to have it repaired once for a new motor mount. I had no trouble with Kia standing behind the warranty and was driven to work in their courtesy car after dropping it off in the morning. It was done in a matter of hours, and I did not pay a dime. My only complaint with my van is that the storage pocket on the back of the driver seat is coming apart, likely due to my kids stuffing too much in there. Still, stronger seams would have been nice. I am looking forward too many more years and memories with this van. We are at 32,000 miles as of 05/07.

1st Jun 2007, 10:11

We have had our 2002 KIA Sedona for almost 6 years, having bought it in August 2001.

It is GREAT, probably the best car we have ever bought.

It now has 76,000 miles on it, and we have had the first problem with it, the alternator went, and that was covered by the KIA extended warranty. How can you beat that, a 6 year old car with 76,000 miles, the alternator goes, and KIA still covers it.

Ohh, and the tires, the Hankook tires on the back, 76,000 miles and still lots of tread left on them. I replaced the front ones at 49,000 because we didn't align the front end as often as we should.

Do we like our KIA Sedona? YES.

Will we buy another one? ABSOLUTELY.

23rd Jun 2007, 12:15

I have had a 2002 KIA Sedona since June of 2002. Almost since the beginning, I've had a noise in the front end that can only be described as "it sounds like someone bouncing a basketball on the road below the wheel". Can't really hear it with the radio on, however, it doesn't sound safe when you can hear it. Our KIA dealer has told me that this is typical and that there is nothing that can be done. It's the way the 2002 was built? Just turned 5 yrs and 8 days since delivery and 74,000 miles. The alternator just went out. I'm interested in how others (like the last posting here) convinced any KIA dealer to cover this under the extended warranty. Electrical components aren't exactly excluded, but they aren't specifically included in the extended warranty list either.

I have spent a considerable amount of time at the shop, mostly with dash/ radio/ air conditioning buttons and lights shorting out. Rust has been a problem also. Hood has been replaced due to complete rust perforation and the rear door above the license plate had been redone and repainted on two occasions for the same reason.

Must admit, I also keep my vehicle because of the terrible resale value. Still worth less than I owe. I refuse to carry the upside down balance to another car. Money is tight with two kids in private college.