7th Sep 2004, 15:03

I need to find where the fuel filter is located on the engine??

20th Jul 2006, 21:30

Well this car has 120K on the odometer (I am the one who started this thread). I think the car has served us well.

Let me see, I have had the car repainted once (covered by the warranty after many, many complaints about the paint) - the result of the car being washed in the car wash, and all the paint coming off right down to the grey plastic bumper. It was a good look during the time it took to get them to paint it.

Then I had the e-brake stick in Texas, that too was covered under warranty.

I had an alternator burn out in Montana.

I had it serviced in Seattle WA, where the service was the best in the country.

My wife backed the car into a tree and crumpled the newly painted trunk :( but the rear trunk was easy to replace with parts I purchased at the local junk yard.

There is a recall on the seat belt that I need to get it in to the dealer.

I have had 4 sets of tires on it and replace the shocks just last week.

I have always changed the oil every 5k with synthetic oil, and the engine is just as strong as it ever has been.

I got a ticket with it in Ohio for 90mph. Not bad for a little sedan.

Again, the car has served me well. It was a little cheap car that I expected to get 100k out of, but now I expect that 200K is not out of the question if I get a new clutch pressure plate and throw out bearing. My oldest just learned to drive and he smoked the clutch a few times.

I am looking at buying a KIA Sorrento from my wife next. The service is still bad at most dealers, but the car is worth it.

17th Oct 2007, 23:05

It is still kicking! I have 150K on the odometer! My son is getting to be a seasoned driver and I still have the original clutch! Not to mention I had a foreign exchange student and he learned to drive on it too! My son did run into a highway barrels with it. He broke the side mirror. He was also sitting at a traffic light and got rear ended by a minivan. Other than that last year, I have replaced the 2 spark plug wires it has (2 coils are directly over the other 2 spark plugs). I replaced the brakes last fall, well lets say I replaced the brakes, bearings, rotors and shocks last fall. It was really getting bad. This fall I did replace the 4 spark plugs. The evidence on the plugs tells me that the engine is burning remarkably clean. I have never replaced the timing belt yet and I am starting to think I am driving a time bomb in that department. My son and I both go over 300 and the drivers seat is now bent, we blame each other. Overall, looking back on this car that I bought for $8500 7 years ago, I am amazed it is still running. It has been a cheap car from day 1 but yet it has been a story. One thing after another, From Washington state to Ohio, from Canada to Mexico, with most of its life in Wisconsin. It has never stranded me or my family. It has gotten me to work, it has served its purpose. I will check in at 200k or the day I take it to the salvage yard, what ever comes first!

17th Mar 2011, 17:30

I am the original poster and still have the car! The car has eclipsed 200K. Replaced the 2nd alternator and serpentine belt, the heater motor had been replaced, the door handle replaced. Rust is now coming through the passenger side mirror, and the driver rocker panel is about rusted away.

I am still driving the car 800 miles a week, and still getting over 32 miles per gallon. Still on the original clutch!

I am considering trading it in on a new Kia Soul, but do not want to be too hasty :)