11th Mar 2003, 08:01

It's now March and I am still having problems with my car. It's cold outside and my car literally freezes. It takes me 10+ minutes to get my car to move out of park when it is cold. The car freezes all over, the doors, the shift, the locks, everything. Also, at times the car acts like it doesn't want to start at first. So now I have replaced the front brakes twice and the back brakes once. Also. my car acts like it has a full tank of gas at times and won't let me put gas in it. I am planning on keeping this car for a while and then selling it, if anyone will even buy it.

7th Jul 2003, 18:45

Did you buy the car new or use? If you first bought it new and the brakes went after 200 miles, then it should've been covered under warranty. Also after owning mine for 5 years now, find a good Kia sevice department - my first was a nightmare, but the one I go to now in Woodbridge, NJ (Loman Kia) is very good, they really are good to Kia owners. The brakes on the '98 Kia from my experience are really poor - find heavy duty brakes cause they wear very quickly. Also the doors ding easy - I learned that the hard way from parking in my college's parking lots. Starting the Kia is a pain in the winter cause the car is really prissy about cold weather. Make sure you buy door lock de-icer cause the door locks freeze up a lot in the winter. As for the car hating to have gas pumped, check to see if your car had the recall on the gas tank taken care of, it still will act up, but it won't spit gas back all over the place when it thinks it's full. After 5 years, it was a good lesson on how to keep up with maintenance, how to treat a car and how not to. I know this may sound strange, but if you treat the car well, it will treat you and your wallet good. Good luck with it.

28th Sep 2004, 13:48

It is now the end of September 2004, I have had this car for 2 years now. I cannot wait to get rid of it. I have had enough already. It just failed it's inspection due to moisture in the headlights and a leak in the muffler. It will hardly start anymore, I think it needs a new battery and a new starter. The brakes need to be replaced yet again and I am in college and I cannot afford all the trouble associated with it. Also the resale value is extremely disappointing.