2015 Kia Soul Basic 1.7 liter 4 cylinder from North America


Comfy, affordable and hopefully reliable


I bought this car used from the local Kia dealer and the next day the check engine light came on. Brought it in to the dealer to get fixed. Found out it was just a software upgrade. Whew!

But what he did tell me was this upgrade could only have been done at the dealership.

It was a "Kia certified" car which means the 10yr/100k mile warranty continues so there was no charge.

So far it has been great... except the mpg; only getting around 20mpg (which is advertised) in the city. I always got over 30mpg with my Honda Fit or 27mpg with my Nissan Note.

Ride/seats very comfy and getting in/out (since I'm a pretty big guy) is very good and it's one of the reasons I bought the car. Utility was second... a lot of room.

I did buy a spare tire and kit because they don't come standard with one and I just didn't feel comfy without one. Kit cost around $200 US on eBay.

General Comments:

Great car... I love it!

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Review Date: 5th February, 2020